we did nothing this weekend – and it was the best

I feel like a broken record saying this but…Ryan’s home again! Yay! I know, he was home, then gone again, and now he’s back. We think he’s going to be home for a little while now though, and I’m thrilled – as much for the boys as I am for myself. He ended up having to leave last Tuesday for YTC for the week and managed to come home later on Saturday evening. Seeing Spencer’s face when he realized Daddy was home again made a crappy week totally worth it. Needless to say, too, we’re glad he’s back.

Porter’s Book – Corduroy’s Best Halloween Ever! – Spencer’s Book – Canada 1,2,3


We honestly didn’t do much this weekend, and it was one of those weekends where I don’t regret it. We did a family trip to the grocery store because grocery shopping whilst in the throes of first-trimester nausea is the worst. The boys boycotted nap time, I did some freelance writing for a cool company, and we ended up watching reading books, taking little bike rides, enjoying the cooler, fall-type weather all day. We’re finally getting cooler weather out here, and this basic mama is ready to pull out all the booties, jeggings, and gingham that money can buy.

Even better for this tired mama’s heart – I managed to run twice in the past few days. It’s nothing to really write home about, especially when you consider that I ran the Chicago Marathon this time last year, but I’ll take it. I’m 7 months post-op from my MPFL reconstruction, running two to three comfortable miles at a time, and just enjoying the fresh air. Fun fact, too…I’m nauseous 60% of the time, but when I’m actually out there working out, I feel great. So, cheers to (hopefully) staying active as I enter my second trimester soon!

There are so many fun things on the horizon for us in the coming weeks, guys. We have family pictures on Friday evening with the amazing Lynsey Strader Photography, which I’m so excited for, and all the fall events are coming. We’re doing our first apple-picking jaunt next weekend, and then it’s full-speed ahead with costume-making, pumpkin-picking, cider-pressing, and more. This is the season my New England heart comes alive, and I’m just hoping I can find a place with cider donuts that are even half as good as the ones we had at the Burrville Cider Mill at Fort Drum!

So, cheers to a good week ahead, fall weather, and all the good vibes. Happy Monday, friends!