an honest review of our zinus mattress

mattress: zinus (available here) // platform bedframe: zinus (available here) // comforter: tommy hilfiger (similar here)

I mentioned a month or so ago both here and on my instagram that Ryan and I were in the market for a new bed. Some backstory…before Ryan and I got married, I had a Bobopedic mattress whilst living in New Hampshire, and he had some cheap bachelor bed (sorry, honey, but it’s true). When we got married and I moved to Arizona to live at Fort Huachuca, we were poor newlyweds, and I didn’t want to pay an exorbitant amount of money to get my bed there. So, Ryan and I decided we’d get a new bed, and we dropped a lot of money on a Sleep Number bed. We’d heard nothing but rave reviews, my parents had one, and we decided to spoil ourselves.

Spoiler alert. I hated it…almost from day one. Ryan liked it at first, but we seemed to grow less fond of it over time. It felt like a glorified air mattress, which I guess it is, and we were just not comfortable. Fast forward to our move to Fort Drum, and it never seemed to recover from being disassembled and reassembled. It would consistently lose pressure and register the wrong pressure, and we just couldn’t get comfortable on it. We were determined to stick it out though, if only because we’d spent so much on it.

However, about five years later, and we just didn’t want to take it anymore. Ryan’s had horrible back pains and, being pregnant, I couldn’t get comfortable, so we decided to make a change. I polled our friends and asked what their preferences were. Here were the recommended beds, in order of most recommendations to least:

  1. Zinus
  2. Tempurpedic
  3. Purple
  4. Tuft & Needle
  5. Sleep Number
  6. Leesa

Clearly, we axed Sleep Number from that list, and Tempurpedic was more than we’d hoped to spend, so we crossed that off, as well. Purple and Leesa had been top on our list before, but so many people recommended the Zinus bed that we decided to take a peek and, ultimately decided to buy it. Why did we pull the trigger? For one, the sheer volume of recommendations was staggering. Also, the price couldn’t be beat. We figured that, worst comes to worst, we were out a few hundred dollars. So, we spent $365 on the Zinus Memory Foam 12-Inch Green Tea Mattress on Amazon (with free shipping), and we went ahead and bought this platform bed, as well, from Zinus. We like a minimalist frame, and it fit the bill (and the wallet. For the mattress, bed, and bedding, we spent about $620…a fraction of what we might have otherwise.

And here’s the thing: we love it.

It feels extremely high quality, fully-expanded in about 12 hours, and makes for a very restful night’s sleep. The bed frame was also crazy easy to assemble, it feels sturdy, and it’s exactly as pictured online. Best of all though, they were delivered ridiculously quickly with free Prime shipping and, honestly, it was the best purchase we’ve made in a long time.

So, if you’re in the market for a new bed but don’t want to break the bank, this might be the perfect option for you. We’re in heaven…and we never want to wake up.