friday favorites // oma’s here for the weekend

Cheers to Friday, folks! It’s bound to be a fun weekend here since my mom flew into Seattle to visit us yesterday! We haven’t seen her since we arrived here in June, and we’ve been missing her terribly. While I’m used to living “far” away from home, we were able to drive 8 hours the last few years to visit when we wanted, and that’s clearly not an option these days. So, she’s here for a long weekend, and she got here early enough to help me surprise the boys when we picked them up from preschool. To say they were surprised was an understatement! I don’t think they understood at first…Porter walked right past her until I pointed, then he stared at her for about 20 seconds, and finally realized Oma was really there! Spencer figured it out faster, but it was quite the same. And now, they’re attached to her nonstop.

This week has been so busy. I’m in my last few weeks of working for the cruise side of my company’s business, and if you remember from this post, I’ll be moving over to the villas side soon, and I’m so excited. Ryan’s work schedule’s been pretty nuts, too, and between that and getting things ready for my mom’s visit, we’ve been appreciating the good (and funny) things this week…like the following:

// Spencer’s class has been doing yoga and stretching a couple mornings a week, and his teachers routinely send us pictures throughout the day. This picture killed me, and I still can’t stop laughing at it. Check out the top left corner. Nailed it, son.

// My boys greet their Daddy every day when he comes home from work, and it’s the cutest thing ever. They can’t get enough of his! Usually they demand to sit on his lap in the car and play with him for a while. Oh, and yes, Porter’s jacket is on backwards. They do that at preschool so he can’t keep taking it off 😉

// I made this keto cheddar and broccoli soup earlier this week, and it was amazing. I’ll be posting the recipe next week – it’s honestly ridiculously easy – and it’s the perfect food for a cold fall or winter day.

// Watching all my boys explore and wander together gives me all the happy feels. I can’t wait to have our third bean with us so we can adventure and explore as a family. Here’s hoping this one just rolls with the chaos we love!

// I finally got to have my hair done this week! I’ve been putting it off for-ev-er. I hate sitting in a chair for more than an hour at a time, and I have a hard time spending money pampering myself. I regret nothing. It’s a little lighter, a little brighter, and it makes me feel alive again.

We have a weekend full of fun and adventures ahead, and I’m so glad to have my mom here with us for a few days. I’ve been feeling really displaced here lately (it’s a military thing, I’m sure), so I’ve been struggling. Having her here feels like home, and I’m hoping that feeling tides me, and us, over until we head to New Hampshire and Boston for Christmas. Happy weekend, friends!