friday favorites // the random edition

Happy Friday, friends! I swear this week has flown by. Maybe it’s the fact that Ryan had a four-day weekend to start it off and has a DONSA (no work) today, or maybe it’s the fact that this baby has me wanting to go to sleep around 4 PM, but the days are flying. I’m half hoping they’ll actually slow down though because with Ryan’s deployment looming over our heads again, I’m a little bit in denial.

For those who didn’t know, Ryan is slated to leave sometime early- to mid-February again, much like his last deployment. He won’t be going to the same location, thankfully. This time is different, which does afford a few luxuries, like the fact that he’ll probably be able to score 10 days of leave post-birth, which definitely lightens the mood. The fact that we have to weather another 9 months apart though…I won’t lie, it’s daunting. But I digress. Onto the good stuff!

1 // We have new wheels over here. Or, I should say, I do. Despite being anti minivan for 96% of my life, we bought a Honda Odyssey. We traded in the faithful Highlander that trekked us across the country from New York to Washington, and we upgraded to a more family-friendly car. My boys think it’s a spaceship with its remote doors, and I’m still in love with the trunk space. Color me converted.

2 // Today is decorating day! I’m going to officially go get all the supplies to decorate our front porch facade because it’s time. Our neighbors have been tackling theirs for weeks, and it’s time for us to up our game. My boys are going to be so excited!

3 // We have an official confirmed spot for our newest bean at my boys’ preschool. Their first opening isn’t until July 23rd, but I’ll take it because it will give plenty of time for baby Moore and I to bond before real life has to kick us in the pants again.

4 // Today marks exactly one month until I start my new job with my current company! I’ll be transitioning from the cruise side of the business to writing about villa vacations, and I’m so thrilled. Not only are there more opportunities to travel, but it’s a promotion within the company, a new team, and just a fresh atmosphere all around. I can’t wait!

5 // Colder weather has been gracing us with its presence lately, and I’m loving it! Seriously, is there anything better than layers…especially when you’re pregnant? Plus, sleeping at night with the windows open and just enjoying the cold air has been heaven.

We have so much fun planned for this weekend, guys! There’s a cider squeeze in Puyallup this weekend, and we’re pretty sure we’re going to go as a family to enjoy great weather and fall treats. Then, we’re going to finish putting up all our Halloween decorations outside, so we finally look like we’re ready for the fun ahead!

I hope you all have fantastic weekends!