weekending with oma

We tend to have pretty fun weekends – or we have lately, anyway – but this was one for the books. Oma (my mom) came to visit us here at Fort Lewis. She arrived on Thursday morning, and she’s leaving this morning, which we’re pretty bummed about, but we really made the best of our time together. We kicked off our weekend with a Friday evening of Halloween festivities, which were even more fun with Oma.

We managed to double-book ourselves Friday night, and we made an appearance at the airfield for the Trunk-or-Treat on base. The boys got to sit inside a blackhawk, and they even ventured inside the decidedly graphic haunted chinook – though Porter quickly got scared of the little girl dressed as a stormtrooper, so we exited. We made a quick trip home to drop off Ryan and Danny (too much partying for those two), and we headed back to the boys’ school for their Fall Festival, where they had a blast. Though our evening ended in tears because Spencer didn’t quite understand he couldn’t live in his Spiderman costume, it was totally worth it. And, we may or may not have bribed him with the fact that he gets to wear it again to really trick-or-treat next week for Halloween.

I forgot how busy we get trying to cram months and months worth of togetherness into a couple short days together, and both Saturday and Sunday were nonstop. We took my mom to Olympia to meet Ryan’s side of the family including my boys’ beloved Auntie Cheryl, and that was a real treat. It poured the whole day, so we did a lunch date to Panera and just spent quality time together.

Sunday, however, we stayed b u s y. I found a free military event on Facebook earlier this week at Black Hills Gymnastics in Lacey, so we decided to take the boys to tumble, play, and burn off some steam. They seriously had the time of their lives, and Oma had so much fun getting to see them in their element. Now, we’re seriously considering getting them into gymnastics after their next round of swim lessons – I guess we’ll see! We also did an early dinner/lunch in Ruston, and though our favorite restaurant is closed for the season (huge bummer), we managed to enjoy a pretty great meal at Fish Brewing in its stead.

We’re sad to see Oma go, and the boys are a little bit heartbroken, but we did book our tickets home for Christmas, so it’s only about six weeks until we’re back East! We can’t wait to see all the family back on my home turf for a good three weeks, since we’ll be there through the New Year, too. My beautiful mama is also planning to come back out when this bean is born whilst Ryan’s deployed to help us transition as a family, and I’m so grateful for that. I know the boys and I definitely feel better when she’s around!

Cheers to a new week, friends, and I hope your weekends were as good (and eventful) as ours!