a pre-holiday weekend with friends

This was the busiest weekend we’ve had on record for quite a while! Loralee arrived late Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with us, and we had a lot of fun things planned for our pre-holiday weekend – all of which we actually accomplished, too, shockingly enough! I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to have a friend in town, especially after lamenting about the hardest part of military life last week (by the way, again, thank you for all your sweet thoughts on that). The boys were thrilled to have her in town, and both Ryan and I each managed to get a day of relaxation under our belts.

First and foremost, it must be said that our weather was absolutely flawless this weekend. We’re talking sunshine, clear skies, just a nip of cold in the air, but not too cold. So, Loralee and I decided to take the boys up to one of our local favorite places, Point Ruston. There’s a splash pad there for kiddos and visitors in the summer, and I was thrilled to see that they turn it into an outdoor covered ice rink for the winter and holiday months! Since it’s been a year since Spencer last skated in New York, we decided to go for it.

Spencer, as usual, loved it! Porter, as usual, just wasn’t having it (such a two-year-old!) We got there shortly after it opened around 11,  so it was luckily still quiet, and they didn’t care that Porter walked on the ice while we skated. Spencer started with real ice skates, then we switched to the strap on blades since he didn’t have enough ankle support. He finally got the shuffle at the end and was having a blast! Afterwards, we decided to blow nap time, have an early lunch/dinner at the Burger & Whiskey Bar, and then enjoy a quiet evening at home.

Sunday was a much-needed lady day! I haven’t had a mom-free day in a long time, and it was beautiful! Loralee and I decided to head up to Seattle since she had red-eye from Sunday into Monday, so we went to Pike’s Place Market to explore, taste all the deliciousness, and just spend some time catching up! We also made what Ryan lovingly refers to as my “basic white girl pilgrimage” up to the Starbucks Reserve on Capitol Hill, and it was as amazing as one might’ve hoped! From the fresh-poured coffee flights to the affogato, Christmas blends, and beyond, we were in heaven.

We savored all the coffee flavors, then we decided to try for an early dinner back down on Post Street. We’d had our eye on The Pink Door. It’s an eclectic little place that’s kind of a hole-in-the-wall with an extremely nondescript door. They’re pretty much always booked out, and you need reservations, but we decided to try our luck, and we managed to snag a table! The food was to die for! We overindulged, and it was totally worth it! It was nice to just have a day where we could sit, as adults, and just chat, catch up, and really just have some quality time.

But, all that said, I was super thrilled to get home to my boys, snuggle them before bed, and enjoy that time, as well. I think the little moments away give me some perspective, as well, and they help me appreciate the daily rigmarole. As we prepare for a chaotic week ahead, I’m just hoping to make it through, so keep those fingers crossed for me (and us), please!