giving thanks for the little things

Wait, what? Thanksgiving is next week? Please tell me that I’m not the only person on this planet who is entirely unprepared. I mean, I bought a turkey. That counts for something, right? Other than that, nothing. I’ve got nothing, and we have a busy week (and then some) ahead of us! Our friend Loralee arrives tomorrow from Tennessee, and she’ll be spending the weekend. It’s been entirely too long since we’ve seen her last, so we’re pretty excited. Then, Ryan’s parents arrive Monday evening to spend the holiday with us. We’re thrilled to have family here, and again, we’re entirely unprepared. So, let’s give thanks for the fact that at least it’s Friday though, right?!

It’s been a busy one here, and we knew it would be. I spent Monday evening at the hospital for our 20-week ultrasound and got to see peanut’s little face. Baby bean was trying their hardest not to be cooperative, but we did confirm the gender of our baby, and we’re thrilled. Some of you have asked, and no, we’re not planning to do an elaborate public announcement or even really announce it whatsoever. We simply chose to find out the gender of our baby since Ryan’s being deployed prior to the birth. Tuesday evening was spent at my new birth center where we discussed both Spencer’s birth and Porter’s birth, as well as what we hope for/from this bean’s birth experience. It was really refreshing, and I’m actually excited for an entirely new experience. Check out this beautiful place!

We’ve had a lot of fun this week though, too. Spencer and Porter are both finally feeling better – seriously thankful for that – and the boys have had a lot of fun at school. Of note, they’ve been working hard on “Kind Child Curriculum” where they use their self-awareness and accountability to appreciate and foster a sense of positivity. I got a peek at what makes Spencer said makes him happy, and I have to just say, wait…what? If you want to get the full weight of what he said, read everything but the one in the top left corner…then read that one. That’s my boy!

He also created a portrait of his family to which, again, I’m remarking, what? And a few follow-ups here…why are there so many gingers, why is it like a tiny little ginger army, and why do they appear to a) have multiple boobs and b) scissor appendages. I’m only moderately concerned by the excitement on his face in the photo his teacher sent me. But, I digress. Good on you, son. Related – see exhibit A:

Porter is, as always, my crazy little outlier. I know I mentioned before that he was going through a rough patch of terrible twos, but he appears to be turning a little corner, is having more fun with his friends, and really seems to care a little bit more what people want. Though he definitely still has an extremely strong will, he makes me giggle with his fatalistic attitude about everything and his impish little face. I mean, seriously, does this boy look like he has something up his proverbial sleeve, or what? I present, exhibit B:

So, while there were no real “photo-ready” moments of the things that made me smile this week, this was such a testament to the season of motherhood and parenting, in general, that I’m in right now. It’s fun, it’s funny, and it’s absolute chaos from start to finish every single day. Even though both my boys ended up having rough days at school with their little tempers yesterday, I’m grateful for their strong wills and their eagerness to apologize and do better. That’s what it’s all about, right?

But enough of that…cheers to the weekend, a visit with good friends, and a very rare lady date in Seattle  this Sunday!