that post-thanksgiving glow

I hope you all had fantastic Thanksgivings with your loved ones and/or friends! I’d originally planned to host Thanksgiving just for our little family and Ryan’s parents, Dave and Esta, who were visiting us from Utah. On Tuesday evening though, Ryan’s cousin’s wife, Cheryl (you may remember her from our visits to Olympia) texted asking if we’d like to join them at their house. Naturally, I’d already done all the shopping, so I said that if I could bring all our food, too, then yes, we’d love it! And so, we had a busier, more bustling, more joyful Thanksgiving than ever, and it was great to spend it with our West Coast family. Obviously, I missed my family back East this year, but we’re grateful that we were able to spend it with family, nonetheless.

The day wasn’t without its hiccups though. Porter hit his head really hard yesterday morning, leading us to have to watch him for concussion symptoms. He’s been pushing his feet against the table while in his booster lately, and he managed to tip his chair completely, fall back, and smash his head on the sideboard. Poor boy has a nasty little egg on the back of his head, and he’s very sensitive to the touch right now. Thankfully, he seems to be okay – other than a really sore noggin – so, we’re extra thankful for that.

It was a rainy Thanksgiving here, too…something I’m not entirely used to. Back in New Hampshire and our home in New York, we’re often privy to a white Thanksgiving, but it was grey and wet out here in the PNW! I guess that’s something I’ll need to get used to. We enjoyed staying warm in cozy in a well-decorated Christmas house because, let’s be honest, Cheryl’s got some holiday flair – #goals.

Ryan’s parents are heading home today though, and it’s back to reality for us on Monday. so we’re soaking up a quiet weekend since it seems like we’ve been on the go since last weekend when Loralee came to visit. A few people have asked whether I plan to do much Black Friday shopping and, honestly, not really. There are a few things I’ve had my eye on that are on crazy sale, so I’m pointing those out below just in case someone else is in the market for the same:

Snuggle Me Organicat least 30% off storewide…I got baby Moore the Sparrow organic snuggler for under $100

Blanqi Leggings50% off storewide! Insanity…they’re my favorite maternity and postpartum leggings – got them for $32 a pair

JetKids Bed BoxPishPosh Baby has these 20% off right now & they’re probably our favorite purchase; with lots of travels ahead, they’ll make airports and airplane seats so much better (and more fun) for the boys

Other than that though, I’ll online shop only if I see something worthwhile, so no, clearly I’m not a huge Black Friday shopper.

So, cheers to the close of another beautiful holiday out here, and I can’t wait to start prepping for Christmas, even though we’re heading out of town in just a few weeks! I hope you all had a great holiday and have the best weekend ahead.