the countdown to christmas is on

I’m a little bit floored that we’re about to enter December this weekend, our holidays are non-freaking-stop, and the countdown to Christmas is on. In two weeks, we’re heading to New England to spend Christmas with our family in New Hampshire, and we can’t wait. But the days leading up to that? Craziness. Pure craziness, I’m telling you.

This weekend, we caved and decided to get a Christmas tree with our friends even though we won’t be here for the holiday. Next week, is our big boy’s fourth birthday, which I’m still in denial about. And the week after that, we head out of town. I mean, what? But we’re excited, too, and we’re enjoying the few sunny and blue-sky days that we have around here. Plus, we’re getting things done, which is key. So, without further ado, here are some high-five moments for Friday.

1 // The boys’ suitcases arrived

They’re called the JetKids Bed Box. These bad boys deserve a post of their own because we’re thrilled to have finally scored them from Pish Posh Baby, a premium retailer based out of NJ. We spotted them in the airport in Madrid last winter, and we had serious suitcase envy. In a nutshell, the boys can ride them or pull them, they’re carry-on sized, and they pop up to extend their seats into a bed on the flight. We snagged an early (yes, 6 AM flight), so we’re hoping the boys enjoy a little nap while on board. I’ll share more on these later.

2 // I finished my first full week of my new position

I’ve been working for the same company for over six years, but I recently transitioned from the cruise side of the business to the luxury villa rental side. There’s more autonomy in my role, more opportunity to travel and explore the world, and far more creativity, all of which I need as a writer by trade. I’m excited to be writing full-time for the Villas of Distinction, Villa Rental, and Jamaica Villas by Linda Smith brands now…and I can’t wait to see these amazing destinations in person!

3 // Our Christmas cards are in the mail

I succeeded this year in actually sending out our Christmas cards prior to December. Last year, we sent New Year’s cards after our trip to South Africa, and they came out great with Minted. After a great experience using Basic Invite for business cards this year though, I decided to use them for our Christmas cards. It was fantastic. The designs were perfect, it’s intuitive, and their discount codes are awesome. Seriously, you need to check them out. #notsponsored

4 // We’re soaking up moments with the beans

With Ryan’s deployment fast-approaching, we’re carefully balancing all the things that have to be done like packing, consolidating stuff prior to baby three’s arrival, our move, and more. However, we’re also making time to get out with the boys each weekend, no matter what. We’ve given up on naps on the weekend entirely, and it’s honestly been mostly enjoyable. The boys love playing with Daddy, and I just love watching them explore. Steilacoom Park may very well be their new favorite.

So, cheers to the countdown to Christmas and all the excitement forthcoming! While we’re busy prepping for the days and weeks to come, I’ll also be sharing some interesting posts ahead for military spouses, as well as a review of the luggage we got for the boys…just in case it’s something my travel-minded friends have had their eye on. Happy weekending!