five cheers for the weekend

Not only are we gearing up for another weekend, but I’ve officially completed two weeks in my new position at my job, and I’m so. much. happier. Truly. There’s so much work to be done (just like in my past position), but it feels like there’s more balance, if that makes sense. I finally have time to conquer some housework, prepare for our travels to the East Coast next week, and really prep a few more baby things because, let’s be honest here…I’m 24 weeks, and time is flying. Life lately has been chaos but the best kind of chaos, and we’re trucking along, enjoying the little moments, and enjoying the simple victories and milestones that we’re celebrating each and every day! Here are five things that are totally improving our daily lives and keeping us sane through all the crazy.

1 // Porter’s tantrums are waning

I mentioned a while back that Porter’s been very naughty lately, and he was actually hitting and pushing at school. He’s turned a huge corner, and he’s doing so well! He’s playing nicely with others, rarely physically reactive, and really sweet. Best of all, he seems to be a bit more coaxable in terms of poor choices. He and Spencer are playing better together, and I feel a bit like maybe, just maybe, we’ll get through these terrible twos with him after all.

2 // We discovered emeals 

I’ve tried everything to stay on track with food, clean eating, meal planning, etc. But here’s the thing…I didn’t even have time to actually meal plan. I was flying by the seat of my pants more often than not, and that’s the worst feeling in the world. So, after some coaxing by a friend of ours back at Fort Drum, we decided to dive in and give emails a go. This is not sponsored. We picked a yearly membership in which they provide 52 weeks of daily meal plans. Because Ryan is still eating mostly keto, we opted for the low-carb plan, but I think we’ll likely switch to family-friendly or clean-eating when he deploys. Here’s the best part…they import my grocery list into my grocery delivery app! I mean, what?! Game changer. Best of all, it’s $59.99 a year. We’re saving money, time, and sanity.

3 // Ordering Christmas gifts online

Let’s just call this one a win all around, shall we? We usually do a gift exchange for the adults in my family when we go back home, and then everyone buys gifts for the kids. Rather than spending beaucoup time searching stores both here and in New Hampshire though, I did 99% of my shopping on Amazon. Seriously. Even better, I had it all delivered to my parents’ house back East, so we don’t have to travel with it all, and it’s tax-free! Also, it gives me a little more freedom to search around for options, which is a win-win-win.

4 // We’ve had the best weather lately

After an excessively rainy week last week, we’ve had four straight days of sun, and my soul is happy. Now, it’s been cold, but it’s been sunny, so I’ll take that as a win. The boys have been able to play outside, and it looks like we might just get a sunny weekend, too, which would be a plus. We’re hoping to take them to Zoo Lights at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, which is a huge draw during the holiday season, so fingers crossed this weather holds!

5 // Turning our thoughts to baby

We haven’t had a new baby in this house since 2016. I know that doesn’t seem like too long ago, but it certainly feels like eons ago. Not much in the way of baby goods survived our two little boys, so we’re buying a lot of new things (except the crib, bumbo, etc…those things made it through). We got our Snuggle Me Organic (we got this one) in the mail on Wednesday, and there was something so exciting about looking at that beautiful little resting place for the wee bean that made my heart go pitter-patter. Best moment of the week, however, was hiring my two doulas, Megan and Ashley, who will team up to help me through the labor and birth process, regardless of whether Ryan makes it home or not. It’s super exciting to think we’re moving along quickly.

So, as we head into our final weekend in Washington for the month (and the year!!!), we’re excited to keep trucking along before we head back East. Cheers to a great weekend with friends, family, and fun <3