four years of spencer bruce

Dear Spencer,

Today, you are four years old. Someone told me when you were first born that the days would feel endlessly long, but that the years would be far too short. I didn’t really understand what they meant until now. Looking back, it feels like just yesterday that we were eagerly anticipating your arrival, convinced from day one that you were a boy (and we were right!), and ready to start our journey as a little family together. You’ve challenged us, you’ve strengthened us, and more than anything else, my sweet boy, you’ve bettered us.

I’m so proud to be your mama. You’re kind and thoughtful, empathetic and caring. You have a heart for others that is just so big, and you love everybody – especially your little brother. You’re strong, proud, and sure of yourself in ways that even we are envious. You’re silly and gracious, loving and sassy. And, at times, you’re equal parts sour and sweet, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. You’ve taken each and every change we’ve thrown at you in stride, and we’re learning to be resilient as we watch you grow. With each challenge, we watch as you adapt and grow stronger, and it gives us such pride.

Little man, never lose that independent streak. Never lose your sense of self, your love of singing and dancing, and your endless ability to make people laugh. Keep smiling, making those silly cat noises, and giving the absolute best big hugs. Splash in every single puddle, slide down every slide, and go on all the runs with mommy and daddy because it makes our hearts so happy to see your joy. Never lose your enthusiasm and zest for life. Never ever doubt how very loved you are because you, Spencer Bruce, are so very loved by so many.

Spencer Bruce, thank you for making me a mama and showing me how wonderful a ride it can be, and thank you for always challenging me to be better, stronger, and braver – just like you. I adore you!