looking back: our 2018 in numbers

2018 in numbers for Loving Life Moore

I can’t believe this is our final Friday of 2018. I remember that when we welcomed Ryan home from the Middle East last November that we were so excited to have at least a whole year together. That year has flown by, and we’ve had barely a single moment to sit back, relax, and enjoy the amount of challenging (and great) life changes that came our way. So, on this final Friday of December 2018, I’m looking back on this past year and reflecting on all we’ve accomplished, all we’ve done, and all we’ve experienced. Without further ado, here’s our 2018 in numbers!

2The number of TDYs we weathered for Ryan this past year. Ryan was in Alabama in early May of 2018 right up until we PCSed, then he went to Twentynine Palms in July right after we moved to Fort Lewis. We were super grateful not to have a deployment this year, but we certainly had our share of separations, too!

– The number of cross-country roadtrips we did this past year as we moved from Fort Drum, New York to Fort Lewis, Washington. We spent six days on the road, traveling through Montana, South Dakota, Ohio, and so much more. It was an adventure, and we even celebrated Porter’s second birthday somewhere in the golden plains of South Dakota.

Mount Rushmore
sequalitchew creek trail

36 – The number of freelance articles I’ve written this year. I started working as a contributing staff writer for Tasteaholics and SoNourished this past year, and I’ve been writing for them for almost a year now. I also started as a freelance blogger for the side of the company I now work for, and I’m thrilled to write more consistently about travel and villa experiences for Villas of Distinction.

4 – The number of anniversaries we celebrated at the beginning of January 2018. Ryan and I have seen and done a lot in our nearly 5 years of marriage now, and we were blessed to be able to celebrate our fourth anniversary together New York at the turn of the New Year 2018.

15 – The number of pounds I’ve gained – and for good reason! We found out in August that we’re expecting baby Moore number three, and we found out a few months later that this little bean is a girl! I’m not one of those people who absolutely loves pregnancy, so this has been a mixed bag of feelings, but I’m thrilled that we’ll be welcoming our little lady in early April.

138 – The number of posts I’ve written on Loving Life Moore this past year. I had a goal of improving upon 2017’s number, which was (sadly) less than 100. I’ve also made the big switch to WordPress from Blogger, and it was far smoother than I could have imagined. I have big goals of continuing to nurture and foster this little space as both a journal of our Army journey, as well as our endeavors in fitness, running, and beyond. We’ll see where next year takes us, but I’m definitely excited.

Fort Steilacoom Park

So much has happened to and for us this year, and we’re about to embark on one of our most challenging – and exciting – years yet. Ryan deploys in less than two months, baby girl is due in 12 weeks, we’re in for an interesting housing adventure in the next couple months (more on that soon), and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve been blessed beyond measure this year though, and we’re so excited to see what’s next.