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As we gear up for our fast-approaching Christmas travel, I wanted to take a moment to talk about our most exciting new purchase –  and why we chose the JetKids Bed Box for travel with kids. We actually bought one for each of the boys, and a lot of people have asked about them since I mentioned them both here and on my instagram. First things first, we came across the JetKids Bed Box when we were traveled through Madrid to South Africa last year. Another mother had one for her young son on our overnight connection, and not only did the boys love them, so did we!

We’ve had our eye out for carryon luggage for the boys for a while, and we wanted something that was both fun and functional. We originally considered Trunkis, which you can find on Amazon for a fraction of the price. Kids can ride on those, pack them, and they’re cute. The JetKids Bed Box, however, elevates things to another level.

Why You’ll Love the JetKids Bed Box by Stokke

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A lot of our overseas trips are long, and since we recently moved to the West Coast, traveling back East to see family comes with a longer trip duration. For example, our flight to Boston this week is 6(ish) hours, and we’re leaving early from SeaTac. Possibly the best feature of the JetKids Bed Box, and the reason we purchased these in the end, is because this nifty little suitcase pops up and extends your child’s seat into a reclining bed. So, what other features does this awesome addition to our kids’ travel gear have, you ask? Let me share…

  • It fits carryon size restrictions and conveniently stows under the seat for takeoff and landing
  • The wheels swivel perfectly making it highly maneuverable
  • Children can ride on them, or even be pulled along – but they can also pull it themselves if they’re ultra independent
  • The top latch clips well, preventing items from falling out while moving
  • It comes with a fun sticker pack so kiddos can decorate their own travel suitcases
  • There’s ample storage space inside for snacks, blankets, and entertainment – all for your littles!

Our boys are pretty good travelers, and they don’t really have an issue sleeping on planes. Since most airlines have pretty strict regulations about sleeping and not allowing kiddos to lounge on the floor, even at altitude, this was big for us. Both boys each have their own seat now, so the JetKids Bed Box transforms that seat into a relaxing, comfortable, and fun little play-and-sleep area for them. The boys love to ride on them, the wheels run smoothly, and they think the sticker decals are just the cooler. Even better, they’re very easy for Spencer to pop them up and pull their own goodies out. They’re carryon size, so they stow easily under the seat, and it allows the boys some autonomy when picking their own little comfort items while traveling. Their picks? Blankets, loveys, water bottles, goldfish, and the trusty travel iPad that mama holds onto.

Have you heard of JetKids? Would you get these for your littles?