this is day one

Today is officially day one of Ryan’s deployment, and I have to thank you all for bearing with me these last few tumultuous weeks. As any military spouse can attest, those days and weeks leading up to a deployment are the worst. They’re downright awful in many ways. And, as hard as it is saying goodbye to our solider, we’re glad to finally start this countdown.

We have a lot to look forward to in the coming months, as challenging as they may be. It’s hard to believe, but we’re just about 8 weeks until baby girl (hopefully) makes her appearance. We’re a matter of months until we can actually end our lease (insert eye roll here), so we’ll be able to move into our home for the rest of our time here at JBLM. We’re incredibly blessed to be just a few months from when Ryan should be granted a small amount of paternity leave, which will allow us a short respite during a long deployment.

It’s easy for me to wallow in the bad things, especially when I’m emotional, hormonal, and slightly under the weather – because, yes, we’ve all had a nasty cold the past week or so. As I sit here thinking about the challenges ahead though, I realize we’re also immeasurably blessed. Our favorite sweet photographer-turned-friend here, Lynsey, brought us dinner last night to take that off our plate during a busy, stressful day. Our sweet friends down the street who were stationed with us at Fort Drum have gone above and beyond to share their love and friendship. One of my dearest friends whom I’ve been lucky to meet and grow close to here and I have planned a much-needed coffee date in the days ahead – just to share in this time together.

Honestly, as hard as these things are, I know we’re not alone, and that’s a huge consolation.

So, here we are: day one of yet another deployment. This isn’t our first, and it won’t be our last, but it is what we make of it. I’m excited to set goals, crush them, grow this little family of ours, and get ready to count the days until we get to reunite, yet again.

I love you, honey. Cheers to day one, a long journey for you, and an adventure for us.