our candid friday favorites

And there we have it, folks; another week of this deployment down! It’s been a busy one, complete with two and a half unexpected snow days, lots of cuddles with my two little men, moving prep, and so much more. But it’s also been a good one, and I find myself grateful for the chaos that we’ve experienced since Ryan deployed. It’s a good sort of chaos. I’ve always said that it’s better to be busy during deployment than idle and bored, and I find that’s never been more true than now. Do I miss my favorite ginger? Yes. More than anything. But I also want to make him proud, and after making it through one of the most difficult deployments ever last time, I think we can handle just about anything!

As we head into a three-day weekend because, hello Presidents’ Day(!!!), I wanted to sit back and reflect on all the good that’s come our way through this time of transition. Deployment is hard. Finding a tribe is hard. Building a home in a new state is hard. The good that comes from travailing through it all and making great friends along the way though? Priceless – and I’m so grateful. So, here are a few Friday favorites making us smile around here as we head into a nice long weekend.

// My boys playing together

When we had our boys just 18 months apart, it was always our hope that they’d be best friends, but it definitely didn’t happen overnight. These days, however, these little boys are thick as thieves, and they were best buds about 90% of the time we were trapped during Washington’s snowpocalypse. Porter thinks Spencer’s the best thing since sliced bread, and Spencer thinks Porter is the world’s greatest minion. It’s a win-win for all parties.

// Finding my tribe

Making friends as an adult with kiddos is hard. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who thinks that! We left behind friends that became family when we left Fort Drum, and I wasn’t sure we’d ever really make new friends here, but we are…slowly but surely. The boys and I actually went to one of Porter’s little friends’ houses during our snow day on Tuesday, and I got to spend some quality time with another working mama while our boys played and we rocked her twin baby girls. It was heaven to have another mama to laugh with about all the booger and fart jokes that go on in our daily lives. Also, our sweet friend Lynsey (she’s the incredible gem who took our family photos here) brought us a little something last night, and it just warmed my heart to pieces. We’re so blessed.

// 34 weeks of pregnancy

I’ll be honest. I over-exerted myself a few too many times during the snowstorm. Our amazing Fort Drum friends shoveled me out one day, for which I’m endlessly grateful, but I’m guilty as hell for the sin of pride and thinking I can do just about everything myself, too. I dug out our trash can Monday night, and ended up having contractions for a few hours which, thankfully, subsided. Baby girl is staying put for now, and I’m grateful for that!

// Moving prep & making plans

I’m a list-maker. I love lists. Without a list, I’m pretty much useless on any given day. Call it type-A or whatever, but it’s what I do, and the fact that we’re moving so soon has me excited, antsy, and making a boatload of lists. The best part is definitely crossing each little item of my to-do list, and I love thinking about how to decorate our new home as we get settled. I’m excited to have the time and space to make a home in which we’ll grow as a family for the duration of our time here at JBLM.

There are so many happy things on the horizon for us, not the least of which is a baby in the next 5-6 weeks (what?!) and we’re going to be busy, busy, busy through it all. So, cheers to finding the good in the things to come and smiling through the chaos amidst all our Friday favorites. This life is oh-so good.