the daily grind

We’re about a month into this deployment, and I’d be lying if I said this little space of mine hasn’t taken a backseat to some of the more pressing matters in our day-to-day lives. But that’s just it, in a nutshell. We’re a month in. That’s one month of chaos, learning new routines, sneaking moments with Daddy via Facetime whenever possible and truly just digging into the daily grind. I’ll be honest…I’m actually grateful that we’ve been so busy. The last time Ryan deployed, those first weeks were nearly unbearable. Don’t get me wrong; I miss Ryan something fierce – we all do – but busy is best during times like these.

And when I say we’re busy, I mean it. Between work, balancing (literally) a 36-week pregnant belly, two tiny humans, potty-training, packing for an impending move, arranging for utilities and life to transfer elsewhere, it’s been nothing short of constant chaos. There’s a beauty to the chaos though, and I have to say that, as weird as it might sound, I’m grateful for the chaos.

It’s in these times of adversity that we’re tested. We’re given a challenge. Rise to the occasion; sink or swim. It’s one or the other, truly, and you have to pick. I’m as bull-headed as they come, just ask my husband, but I’ve surprised even myself this time around. Have there been tears? Oh yes. Many. But goodness, I’m surrounded by wonderful people, great friends, and a support system that’s both far and wide. I’m not alone, and knowing that I have people cheering me on through the madness of solo parenting has been a huge comfort. And, ultimately, I’m getting things done…which is good because there’s far more to come.

It’s never-ending, but I’m so grateful we have this opportunity. This chaos is a blessing in disguise because it’s a fantastic distraction from both the discomforts of a third-trimester pregnancy and the loneliness of missing my husband. So yes, we’ll take this ridiculous daily grind. And we’ll conquer it, thank you very much.