5 things that make an uber pregnant mama smile

I feel like I’ve been running nonstop since Ryan deployed, and things only sped up when we moved. Now that things are done with the actual move, I’m suddenly in this position where I can focus on the fact that I’m due in, like, 2.5 weeks and that I should probably get some baby stuff done. On the one hand, it’s been great to stay busy and focused on everything except the fact that I’m as large as a house. On the other hand, I definitely had a few (read: a good hour) moments of panic today in which I realized that A) I haven’t packed my overnight bag, B) I hadn’t packed a bag for the boys, and C) holy crap, I’m giving birth really freaking soon.

Cue stress. But also, cue the comfort in knowing that we’re in the actual home stretch now. Things are getting done. And you know what? Things are making me smile through the discomfort, too, so cheers to 5 things on Friday that are keeping my spirits slightly above par because that’s totally a glowing review from an uber pregnant mama.

1 // This big boy’s heart.

Spencer has been such a little trooper through this whole process since Ryan deployed. Yes, he’s had his moments in which he’s your average crazy little four-year-old. Yes, bathtime is usually a battle because someone is fighting the fact that he’s really tired. But you know what? For the most part, he’s been funny, sweet, cheery, and ridiculously loving to this mama and her (sadly) short fuse. He’s the best big brother.

2 // Ryan’s parental leave was approved.

This is such a big one. We don’t know if he’ll make it here for the birth, and he will have to return to his deployment when his leave is done, but we are so grateful for this blessing and respite. Not every military family is so lucky, and I count my lucky stars that we’ll have him home for a short intermission – and that he’ll get to meet this new bean before returning overseas for most of the year.

3 // This goon’s ridiculous personality.

Porter’s my little wildcard. Goodness, I love his free spirit, and yes, he drives me absolutely batty at the same time. He’s a maze of complexities like any middle child should be (just ask Ryan and I – we know). He’s sour and sweet, funny and stinky, smart and clever. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way because lawwwwd, child, you keep me on my toes.

4 // Amazon Prime.

Guys. Seriously. Amazon and I are tight. Like, really tight. I hate going shopping these days because I’m tired, I’m huge, and walking is basically the hardest thing on the planet. Amazon though? Amazon gets me. Amazon knows what I need and when I need it. And, in fact, Amazon Prime cares so much that my needs arrive in two days. Love you, Amazon.

5 // Sunshine and shades of spring.

I don’t know about your corner of the world, but it seems like the PNW might just be pushing towards spring sooner than later. Lately, the sun has been shining more frequently, and with temperatures in the mid-50’s each day, this mama has had a smile on her face. Sunlight streaming through the windows, playing outside. Gimme all the Vitamin D.

I hope you’ve all had wonderful weeks and that you have great weekend plans ahead. We don’t have much on the docket, but soaking up these 5 things will keep a smile on my face through it, I’m sure! Cheers!