future fish, sunshine & weekends at the pool

Sometimes it escapes me how lucky we really are to have the opportunity – however fleeting it may be – to live out here in the PNW. While I can wholeheartedly say that I’m certain this isn’t where we’ll put down roots when Ryan’s Army career is done, there’s truly no shortage of things to do here with two little boys…and a ridiculously over-pregnant mama. Take, for example, Saturday. Our nephew, Connor, was competing in Sectionals up at the King County Aquatic Center – a pool with which I’m all too familiar from my old swimmer days.

Though I’ll be honest, I have approximately zero desire to do anything but sleep these days, I felt it was really important to see family whilst they were in town, and I’m so glad we made the trek to Federal Way to watch him swim. Plus, as a swammer, it made my heart so happy to take Spencer to his very first swim meet. Even better? He was totally pissed that he couldn’t participate in Connor’s “big swim lesson.” Guys, my epic plan to raise fish is coming to fruition.

We managed to watch two great races, then we had lunch with Connor and his mom, Jenn, and we took the boys to the local playground. They were in heaven playing with their nearly-adult cousin, and I know it made Ryan happy for the boys to see some more of his side of the family, as this side of the Moore family lives in Utah – a place we don’t get to too often these days.

Even better than a day at the pool though? Sunshine, guys! Lots of sunshine. The temperatures have even been hovering above the 60s, which has been pure heaven. The boys and I soaked up every second of it because with a baby (hopefully) arriving soon, things will be in a constant state of flux for a little while. I’m loving these final days with solely my little men though, as uncomfortable as I am. It doesn’t escape me how fleeting these years are, and I’m grateful for every second, even when they are testing every fiber of my patience.

But, as I try to stay busy and not dwell on the fact that baby Moore seems far too content to come, I’m taking the time to scour swim lessons and summer clubs because I’m not kidding. This mama is raising future fish 😉