it’s the final countdown

I think the title of this post is fairly self-explanatory, but yes, it’s the final countdown. Honestly, I’ve meant to write every single evening, and I even have some posts in the queue, but none of them really feel fitting in this time of transition for me – or for us. I know our days as a little family of four are numbered, and I’m just trying to soak up every second, however uncomfortable it might be, with these two little men of ours before we add a little lady to the mix.

Lots of people have been asking if I have any idea whether I’m close, whether I think she’s coming sooner or closer to her due date, which is April 2nd, mind you. Honestly I couldn’t tell you. One second, I feel like we’re just days away. The next, I think she might just cooperate and wait until her Daddy is able to come home. It’s a day by day kind of thing for us in the final countdown, and considering both my boys were induced, I just couldn’t tell you what I truly think is going to happen.

So, as I sit here uncomfortably pregnant, randomly cramping and, frankly exhausted, I’m doing my best to just stay in the moment. My boys’ teacher sent me some of the sweetest pictures of my boys from school this week, and they made my mama heart so happy. Even when Porter is being, well, Porter, these boys are just the cutest (and yes, I know I’m biased). They make me simultaneously crazy and endlessly grateful, so I’ll relish the final countdown as long as it lasts. Until then, here are five things on Friday that are making me thrilled to pieces:

1 // Our insurance finally approved Porter’s eye surgery, which we’ve scheduled for April 8th. It’s been a long time coming, and we’ll be so happy when he’s finally comfortable and not constantly tearing.

2 // Our insurance also finally approved my breast pump. It’s been a fiasco getting TriCare West to cooperate with some things, but this was also approved just in the nick of time.

3 // Sunshine and spring-like weather has flooded the PNW, and even though the temps are set to drop again in the coming days, I think we’re right on the cusp of a beautiful spring season.

4 // Nesting is giving me joy, and I’m finding great peace in just rolling with the punches and really enjoying time with my boys.

5 // Knowing that Ryan is going to get parental leave – whether he makes it for the birth or not – is such a relief. Not every military spouse is this lucky, and I’m counting all my blessings and thanking every lucky star for this short deployment intermission.

Thanks for bearing with the radio silence, friends. Truly. I’ll dive back in soon with the posts in the queue, but there’s some peace in a semblance of privacy, too, in this final countdown, so I’m grateful for that while it lasts. Happy Friday!