my 37-week maternity photos in steilacoom

earings: baublebar // dress: pink blush // photo: lynsey strader photography

Back before Ryan deployed, our sweet friend Lynsey messaged me asking if we could do maternity photos around the 30-week mark of this pregnancy, and I greedily said yes! When someone who takes incredible photos asks to take more for you, you don’t say no. Ever. And let’s be real. Lynsey took some insanely beautiful family photos of us this past fall, so I was totally on board. But, then life kicked us in the pants. Ryan deployed. I got pneumonia. Lynsey’s children got sick. My children got sick. Before we knew it, I was right about at the 37-week mark.

But you know what? Lynsey said, screw it, let’s do it! So, we bundled up on a rare sunny day, headed out to the water in Steilacoom (Saltar’s Point, to be exact), and we took maternity photos. I’ve never had any maternity photos done, but I’ll treasure these forever.

We don’t intend to have anymore children, so this is it. I’m so blessed and grateful to have had three healthy and uneventful pregnancies. I’ve been blessed beyond measure to have two beautiful boys, and we’re so excited to welcome this little lady into our little family really. freaking. soon. And these photos? They’re a testament to this journey that we’ve been on as we grew our family over the last five-plus years.

I’ve never been the pregnant lady who loves being pregnant. It’s uncomfortable, I often resent the changes in my body, and I was plagued almost constantly with morning (read: all day) sickness this time around. Yet, Lynsey managed to make me look and feel beautiful in a body that’s both foreign and not entirely loved by yours truly all the time. When I look back, I’ll forget the discomfort, and these photos will help remind me of the beauty in the journey, and for that I’m forever grateful.