we are home

There’s been a whole lot of radio silence here this week, and I kind of expected this little corner of the internet would have to take a backseat while we embarked on our journey. I can finally say it though. We are home. We are here. 10 months of renting a house that never felt like home. 10 months of feeling displaced in a new duty station. 10 months of knowing we weren’t going to stay. Now though? We are home, and we are so happy.

Our time here in Washington has been one of displacement, but having a house here now finally feels right. It feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders – and that’s saying a lot at 37+ weeks pregnant! Did I ever dream I’d pick up and move my family and life solo while Ryan was deployed and while heavily pregnant? Never. Would I ever willingly embark upon this process ever again? Likely not. I will say this though. It was worth it, and we’ve been blessed in spades. From the amazing counsel of JAG through the legal process to friends and family helping me pack and prep, meals, prayers, and beyond, I’ve never once felt alone. And here’s the thing. We did it. It’s done. And we are home.

On our first day here, we were welcomed with open arms. Not only did a sweet friend drop off cookies (a serious guilty pleasure for yours truly) to welcome us to the neighborhood, but a new neighbor also showed up to mount and install our TV. No questions asked, no payment accepted – just kindness that made me feel welcome and home.

We thought that an extra 1,000 square feet was what we needed moving from Fort Drum to JBLM, but we’ve learned that a house is just a house. It’s walls, and doors, and frames. It’s just a building. If that building doesn’t fit you, you’ll never feel at home. We downsized significantly moving on post, and you know what? This smaller, cozier, cleaner house felt like home from the second I walked in. There’s so much light, so much freshness here. It’s freeing, and it’s gorgeous.

These white walls have never given me more joy. It’s a blank slate. It’s a place to make our own for the next few years. It’s where we’ll bring our new baby girl home in a few short weeks and where Ryan will come home from his deployment. I’m thrilled to finally feel at home, and I can’t wait to share how we make this place our own!