life lately according to my iphone

I can’t believe little miss Mieke has been with us for over a week already! Time is flying, and I’ve been hopelessly absent from this space, but with good reason. My priorities are just a little different right now. Ryan’s parental leave isn’t indefinite. He does have to go back sooner than we’d like, and we’re doing our best to soak up this time together before he heads back to his deployment for nearly seven months. I’m in a little bit of denial about the fact that he’ll have to go, so life lately has revolved around time together – little moments in our daily lives.

Porter had his eye surgery (finally yesterday), and we’re so grateful that Ryan was able to be here for it. Even though it’s been postponed again and again and again, I have to think some higher power was pushing for him to be able to be here for him – and for us – during this time. And for that, I’m a happy mama.

My boys and I are adjusting well. Baby girl is a fantastic little addition to our family, and there’s so much happiness and peace surrounding us right now. I almost don’t want to post, simply because I want to bask in it while we have it. My mama (Oma) is coming out at the end of next week to help with the transition back into deployment mode and meet her granddaughter, and we’re endlessly blessed and thankful for that luxury and support, too.

will be back to this space – likely sooner than later – but I also want to take the time to adjust and really just soak up the blissful bits of life lately first. Beyond that though, I hope you enjoy these snippets and snapshots of life lately. Some are from my instagram, but some are just little moments I can’t help but share. Thanks for all the continued love!