a moody springtime in the pnw

I think that springtime in the PNW can be likened in some ways to life with a newborn. How, you ask? It’s a constant fakeout. Just when you think you have a grasp on your baby’s schedule and needs, they throw you for a loop. I’ve learned that springtime in the PNW is very much the same. The weather is moody and tumultuous. One day it’s sunny and pushing 70. The next, it’s overcast and dreary with raw temps in low 50s. Basically, it’s mean, and it’s tricky, and when you’re juggling three kids with three very distinct personalities and needs, you’re very likely to lose your mind.

Take, for example, two days ago. I drove off post to get the boys from school, only to realize I left home without my wallet, which was safely tucked into my diaper bag at home. On post. With my military ID and every other form of identification I have. Luckily, the gate guards were kind and ran background checks then let me on post, but yep…we’re all a little bit mad around here!

// Mieke was diagnosed with colic yesterday at her one-month checkup. For the most part, she’s a dream baby. She sleeps from about 9-2:30 most nights, then doesn’t wake until around 7. But from about 5-9 PM every evening, she is a hot mess. So, that’s fun. We’re muddling through though, and the boys don’t seem phased at all.

// Porter’s eye surgery appears to have failed. Though it successfully opened his tear duct and repair the nasolacrimal defect, the rest of his ear, nose, and throat issues seem to persist, and we’re now looking at a bit more invasive procedures to rectify his constant sinus issues and mildly stunted growth.

// Spencer’s been struggling the hardest with Ryan’s return to his deployment. He resents daddy’s absence, and it makes him angry, moody, and irritable – much like springtime in the PNW. We’re so grateful for great teachers at school, sweet friends, and constant support – even when he comes home with a black eye from school.

So yes, the madness is catching, but we’re rolling with it as best we can. Each challenge reminds me that I can tackle far more than I thought I could, and I’m grateful for that. And, in the moments when it all seems too much, I’m thankful for great friends, one-click shopping from Amazon, and a glass of wine.