friday favorites: the clock keeps ticking

Now that we’re more than halfway through this deployment, it’s easy to see that the clock keeps ticking by, whether we take full advantage of the days or not. I learned last time that we need to keep moving, and it’s important that we continue doing what needs to be done, regardless of whether we have good days or bad days. Thankfully, things are going well over here! Sure, we have our hard days, but for the most part, things are going as well as they possibly can, and for that I’m endlessly grateful. So, as the clock keeps ticking, we’re celebrating the little wins around here!

Porter’s ENT specialist appointment went well

We’ve been waiting for far too long for this. Porter had a nasolacrimal surgery while Ryan was home for Mieke’s birth, and we’d hoped it would clear a host of issues the boy has been dealing with for a long time. Unfortunately, the surgery opened his tear duct but didn’t resolve the issues. The specialist thinks our next plan of action is a full adenotonsillectomy in conjunction with tubes placed in his ears and his tear ducts. We’re really hopeful his sinuses clear up, he becomes more comfortable, sleeps better, and has an overall improved quality of life.

Mieke is getting more and more curious

We’re pushing up on three months for the littlest lady of the house and, my goodness, we’ve seen so many fun changes in this sweet girl in the past few weeks! She’s grasping at toys, extremely alert, absolutely loathes lying down, and sleeps like a little champion. She’s been the perfect addition to our family, and the only sad note is that Ryan has yet to truly have the opportunity to be with her beyond those first 19 days of her life. Needless to say, we’re counting the days until he can reunite with her.

I’m rounding out week 4 of marathon training

Since the weather is slowly heating up here in the PNW, I shared my summer running essentials this week, and I’m excited to kick things into high gear. It’s been hard; I won’t lie. My body hasn’t bounced back since Mieke was born like it has before (hello, 30’s), and my knee surgery complicated things, as well. I need to continue to dial in my diet with my running, and I think the two will start to really move the dial, which will help. I’m loving it though, and I’m so grateful for a body that is capable of moving – as uncomfortable as it might be.

Spencer and I had a mommy/buddy date

One of the hardest things about adjusting to life with three children has been balancing the wants and needs of each of them individually. Though Mieke physically needs me the most, my boys need me, as well. Spencer has had a hard time the past week or two with the lack of balance, and I felt it was important to spend time with both my boys. Porter spent most of Tuesday with me, as well as Wednesday for his specialist’s appointment, so I pulled Spencer from school to tackle his passport and take him to lunch yesterday. Goodness, that quality time was heaven.

My article was published on

I made big goals for my writing in 2019. I’ve been a writer for a long time, and I do a lot of freelance work for varying clients, but I’ve never pitched an article for publication under my own name. I’ve always had this innate fear of rejection – even though it’s part of the process – and I was never confident enough to do it. This year though, with Ryan’s support, I’ve been pushing the boundaries of my comfort zones, and taking bigger risks. It paid off this time, and I’m proud of the content I created through the connections I’ve made. If you feel like reading my article, you can find it here on Military Spouse.

And so, the clock keeps ticking, and we keep moving closer and closer to that homecoming we can’t wait to have. But, until then, we’ll celebrate the little milestones that make for great happiness. Cheers to the weekend, friends!