my summer running essentials

Now that we’ve officially welcomed summer (yay!) and marathon training is in full swing, I’ve had to really buckle down and dial in on my summer running essentials. Last time I trained for a marathon, I was kind of flying by the seat of my pants. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was training through Ryan’s deployment, and I kind of just learned as I went. Luckily, training for and running the Chicago Marathon has taught me a lot about what I need and don’t need during training.

I should mention that some of these things are used because I run with my dog, Danny. For most training runs under four miles, Danny accompanies me, so long as it’s not too hot. These items give both her and I boost when running because, though she’s only four years old, it’s important for me to be proactive about her overall agility and health. If she ever starts dragging during a training run, I either stop to hydrate her, or I take her home. Together with these products and my favorite tips for summer running though, we’ve been able to deal with the first few hot mornings, and I’m sure we have a lot to come!

Nathan TrailMix 7 Liter Women’s Race Pack – In the past, I trained with a waist belt with two water bottles (also from Nathan). While I liked it and I got used to the bouncing motion, running with a waist pack and a waist leash for Danny was too much. Plus, the hydration pack is lightweight and carries way more water, which is good for giving Danny water on her runs, too.

Bondi Bands – I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not one of those girls who “glistens” when she runs. I sweat, plain and simple. I’ve tried a lot of pricey headbands, but these mid-level price point headbands are moisture-wicking, cute, and never slip. Plus, they absorb way more sweat than others I’ve tried without overheating me.

Goodr Sunglasses – I ran with different sunglasses in the past, but these are by far the best. They’re lightweight, have great color options, and they never get all streaky with sweat. Even better, I can wear them any time – not just when I’m running, so that’s a win-win for me.

Lululemon Speed Short 4-Way Stretch 2.5″ – I’m picky about what I wear when I run. I don’t care so much about my tops, but the shorts have to fit well, and I can’t have them chafing. I’ve tried a lot of shorts including Nike, Champion, Adidas, and Under Armor, and they just don’t compare. While I don’t love the price point of these, I do love the quality and the comfort. Side note – military spouses can receive a 25% discount in-store with your DOD ID.

Friends Forever Collapsible Dog Bowl – I searched high and low for a a collapsible dog bowl that I could attach to my waist leash when running Danny. This brand came in a set of two from Amazon, and I usually just use the small one. Danny’s not much of a big drinker, and the small size holds 24 oz when full.

Panache Sports Bras – Sports bras are the bane of my existence while postpartum, but it doesn’t get better than these. I want support and comfort, and this offers all that and more. They’re comfortable on uncomfortably heavy nursing boobs, and they wick the moisture away, which is super helpful and hands-down the main reason it’s on list of summer running essentials.

OkyDoky Dog Poop Bag Holder – I know. Gross. But look…sh*t happens when you run your dog. This little thing is a lifesaver. Before, Danny would poop when we were nowhere near waste bins, and I’d have to tie the bags directly on the leash. Too close to my legs, and they’d slap me when I run. Gross. Too close to the ground, and they’d drag and rip open. Super gross. This cinches them in place right by the base of her leash, and she gets to carry her own feces. Win.

Nuun Electrolyte Tabs – I’m the worst at hydrating properly, and because I sweat so much, it’s easy for me to dehydrate. These little tabs taste great, have far less of the extra BS in them, and easily pop in any water bottle post run (or even in my hydration pack.) They’re literally like heaven in your mouth.

Are you a runner? Do you love any of the items on my list – or are there any things I should add to my plethora of summer running essentials? I’m always eager to learn more!