new linkup: the military minute with becoming bailey

I’m so excited to share an upcoming feature and collaboration with the amazing Bailey from Becoming Bailey called The Military Minute. This collaboration is designed specifically for military spouses, significant others, and those connected to the military way of life. When I began this blog back in 2012, I was just dipping my toes in the military waters, and it was daunting, scary and, at times, isolating.

Since then, I’ve discovered there’s a world far beyond the acronyms, the deployments, the chaos, and the moves of military life. There’s a network of incredible people all of whom are connected to this way of life in some way or another, and it’s our hope to create a sort of resource for those looking for information, or simply to share their own hard-earned knowledge.

The Military Minute will be a once-a-month linkup in which military lifestyle bloggers can link up and weigh in on the month’s newest question. So, what do you need to know to participate?

  • The Military Minute is inclusive! Whether you’re a novice spouse, married to a veteran ( or even a veteran, yourself), an active duty blogger, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, or anywhere in between, we want you, and want to hear what you have to say.
  • Each month’s prompt will be posted the first Thursday of the month (except this month because #deploymentprobs).
  • Each month’s linkup will take place on the final Thursday of the month. Link us up directly to your post so we can see what you have to say and find a greater connection within this community!
  • Linkups will be posted on both Loving Life Moore and Becoming Bailey, so link up wherever you’d like!

Over the years, I’ve found some amazing fellow bloggers through the blogosphere who’ve helped make this military world feel a whole lot smaller, and I’m excited to meet new people. So, without further ado, here’s The Military Minute June prompt:

What was your first duty station, and what are your best tips for adjusting to a new place?

Can’t wait to see what everyone has to say for the very first edition of The Military Minute on June 27th!