5 for friday: military lifestyle blogs you should follow

Happy Friday, folks! Dare I say that the weeks are flying by lately, and we’re precariously close to hitting double digits in this deployment?! We’re gearing up for a beautiful weekend ahead in which we’re packing up the car and heading to Portland for one of my best college friend’s wedding, and we’re so excited. Keeping busy with things on the horizon is how we’re getting by, and I’m doing my best to plan, plan, plan until there’s nothing left to plan. For now though, it’s time for another five for Friday, and this week, I’m thrilled to share some of my absolute favorite military lifestyle blogs you should follow.

It’s hard to believe, but I started this blog almost six years ago. Ryan and I had just started dating, and I was completely clueless about military life. We were navigating a long distance relationship, and I was desperate to fin a community of individuals from whom I could learn the ropes. Needless to say, I found them and, over time, I’ve carved my own little corner of this blogosphere, as well. So, allow me to share with you five military lifestyle blogs you should follow.

Whimsical September

Erica runs one of the most beautiful blogs I’ve followed for a long time. Her truth and honesty through her husband’s deployments, her knowledge of PCSing and the military way of life were like water in a drought when I knew nothing. And, as her husband worked to ETS out of the Army, I loved reading about their journey beyond the military, as well, because I know that one day, we’ll be doing the same. From military to motherhood, running a house, to DIYs, Erica does it all, and she does it with grace. Check out Whimsical September.

Becoming Bailey

You’ve probably seen my collaboration with Bailey (The Military Minute), but did you know that her blog is one of the very first blogs I followed? She wasn’t yet dating her husband, a soldier, at the time, but I was intrigued by her debt-free journey, and watching and reading about her transition into military life has been so fun. Her husband is working a recruiting assignment, they’re living in a neck of the woods I’ve never heard of, and hearing their tales is so fun. Even better? They’re expecting their first bean! Check out Becoming Bailey.

The Meat & Potatoes of Life

Lisa is a veteran writer and military spouse, offering up daily helpings of humor, motherhood, and plenty of military madness to go around. Her writing can be featured just about everywhere, including books, The Washington Post, MilitarySpouse.com, and more. I’ve found a lot of joy in her writing, simply because behind the humor, lies a force of knowledge and expertise from which I know I can learn. Check out The Meat & Potatoes of Life.

Her Money Moves

This is actually a newer find of mine, and it’s run by Christine, an Army wife, a mama, and a wealth (pun intended) of knowledge about finances – specifically for military families. I love her fresh take on content, and trust me when I say, she has it all. From gift ideas to opening bank accounts for military children, OCONUS hacks to PCS tips, she has it all. Trust me when I say this dual income family here could learn a lot from her blog! Check out Her Money Moves.

Three Little Ferns

Three Little Ferns is the brainchild of Alex, a fellow military spouse and mama to three beautiful girls. Her blog has some of the most comprehensive content about the military way of life, traveling, new duty stations, motherhood, and more. I’ve been following her on instagram for a long time, and her blog has an incredible backlog of content and resources for all! Check out Three Little Ferns.

And now, it’s your turn! What are some of your absolute favorite blogs? They don’t have to be military blogs 😉 I’m always looking to read more from other lifestyle bloggers.

Cheers to Friday, friends!