exploring gold creek pond

gold creek pond

I’ve been itching for a good adventure lately, and I felt like the mountains were calling this time. Though I’m shorthanded, I’m never afraid to ask for help, and I reached out to our good friend, Sierra, to see if she’d be up for an adventure to Gold Creek Pond. Located in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, this beautiful body of water is known for its cerulean hue, tranquil paths, and easy, family-friendly vibe. Since this was going to be our first veritable “hike” with Mieke, I knew that Gold Creek Pond was just the ticket.

With a path that’s gravel in portions, paved in others, it’s an easy one-mile round trip loop around Gold Creek Pond. This pond is much more lake than pond with its large size and extreme depth – nearly 70 feet. And it doesn’t look like it, but Gold Creek Pond was once a mere man-made gravel pit in the 1970’s and early 80’s when workers dug it to construct i-90. Since then, it’s become a gorgeous haven for novice hikers, hailed for its tranquil shores and stunning vistas.

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. Though swimming isn’t allowed here, the boys were perfectly content throwing rocks, picking wildflowers, and generally exploring like little kids do. Mieke, too, loved the fresh air and all the sights, and she cooed away almost the entire time. Best of all? It’s dog-friendly for leashed pooches, so Danny got to come, too.

There are talks that Gold Creek Pond may be filled in in the near future due to the lowering water table and its impact on indigenous trout species, but those opposed argue for the abundant ecosystem that’s developed since Gold Creek Pond was formed. Regardless of people’s stances on the issue, I’m glad we had the opportunity to explore it, and I hope Ryan has a chance to see this gem before we PCS!

For those curious, it’s just an hour and a half drive from JBLM and, to visit, you simply need a National Forest Pass (day or annual), or an America the Beautiful pass, which is free for military.