five for friday: current happenings

Happy Friday, folks! With deployment slowly but surely winding down, I’m chalking each Friday up to a big ol’ W, since it brings us one work/school week closer to Ryan’s homecoming. That being said, the last few weeks are notoriously slow and drag on forever, so I’m trying my best to find joy in all our current happenings – mundane though they may be. Right now, we have a lot on our plate though since returning from New Hampshire a week ago.

The boys have settled into their new classrooms; preschool for Porter and pre-k for Spencer. Mieke is five and a half months old now, which is nuts. I’m still not completely unpacked, but we’ll chalk that up to extreme fatigue on my part, and the weather is insisting upon turning. Quickly. I don’t know about where you love, but I don’t think summer even really graced us with her presence in the PNW, so fall is a bit of a bittersweet thing for me this year. But, I digress! Onto five of our current happenings…

current happenings

border collie mix

We’re playing outside

Since fall in the PNW inevitably means rain, we’re soaking up every ounce of clear(ish) sky that we still have to savor. And yes, if there’s a sunny day, you’d better believe we’re out there frolicking with the best of them. Dog included.

We’re planning

Our trip back to South Africa is coming up quickly now! We leave in early December for three weeks, and I’m excited to show Ryan more of this beautiful country this time – and take our nephew with us. I’ve been planning our stays in various places, booking our holiday homes, and getting things lined up so our travels will go smoothly. We can’t wait.

We’re missing

Our time in New Hampshire was so so sweet, but it was too fleeting. I barely got to see my sisters and their husbands, and though the baby shower was such a treat, it was also busy, and we didn’t really have time to spend with one another. I wish I’d had more time to stay on the East Coast, but real life (and our remaining pets) needed me back here. Next time.

We’re buying

We made a fun purchase a few weeks ago for a new carrier for Mieke that will be great for our South African adventures. I have a traditional carrier, but we purchased the MiniMeis – a shoulder carrier that’ll be great for when Ryan’s back and she’s just a tad bigger. I intend to share more about it soon!

We’re taking

Time for ourselves. I like to stay busy, but last weekend I made sure to slow down and gather our bearings. I’m learning it’s okay to step back from the hustle and bustle and just be. Sometimes it’s good for the boys to just enjoy low-key fall evenings in the playroom or bike rides down the block. It doesn’t always have to be an epic adventure (though it’s fun when it is!)

That’s about it in terms of our current happenings. We’re settling back in, and we’re excited that we’re about a month (give or take) until our soldier returns to us. Till then, we’re counting down the solo weekends we have left. Cheers, friends!