five for friday: loving lately

Happy Friday, friends! It’s been a weird few weeks here lately, and I’ve found myself in a bit of a blogging rut as I try to catch back up on life. A little backstory. For the past several weeks, I’ve been exhausted. Like, literally, physically, bone-achingly exhausted. Early last week, I picked up the kids from school, and I fell asleep at the wheel, thankfully waking up before anything bad happened – you know, beyond falling asleep at the wheel. After writing off my fatigue as motherhood/deployment exhaustion for too long, I decided to have bloodwork done. It turns out that I’m not only severely anemic, but I’m also fighting Lyme Disease.

I’m grateful for great doctors and great care as I start my first iron infusion today, and I wrap my first week of meds to combat the Lyme this weekend. I feel like I’m s l o w l y getting better, and I’m so thankful for that because…this deployment is nearly done! So, to celebrate another Friday down, I’m sharing five things I’m loving lately…here we go.

gryph & ivyrose probiotic chocolate hearts

1 // Gryph & IvyRose Probiotic Chocolate Hearts – If you follow me on instagram, you likely saw a post with these the other day. Full disclosure, we originally got them for review, and we ended up loving them! My longtime followers know that Porter has struggled with GI issues for almost his entire life, ranging from severe constipation to the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Seriously, we’ve tried everything with him, and potty training him was a nightmare. But that’s just it…WAS a nightmare! Guys, we’ve been using these for two weeks, and this child is comfortable, regular, and lawwwwwd…he’s potty trained! If you’re on the fence, don’t be. These are amazing.

2 // Sweet Brother & Sister MomentsSpencer loves Mieke. Like, a lot. He’s been known to command his friends at school to smile at “his baby.” He’ll stop strangers in the hallway and say, “Um, excuse me? Have you met my baby?” He loves her, and she adores him. Of everyone this little girl knows, she loves him most. She giggles at everything he does. She watches his every move. He dances for her to stop her crying, and he’s always asking to hold her. I hope it never changes because, swoon. Porter loves her, too, but right now, he’s all about mama cuddles, and I’ll take them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3 // Off-Leash Walks with Danny – So, this is probably actually taboo, but whatever. Yolo. Danny loves to run, but since my knee hasn’t been holding up too well of late (likely in part due to Lyme), I’ve been sticking to long walks with her each morning. There’s a lot of old trails behind our neighborhood on post, and once we’re out of reach of them, I let the girl off-leash, and she has the time of her life. It’s great seeing her so happy.

4 // Crafty Lady Dates – This actually happened last week, but it seriously filled my cup. My good friend Victoria who, coincidentally was also stationed at Fort Drum with us, invited me to The Makery in Tacoma to, well, make things! We made hand-lettered signs, enjoyed a quiet lunch sans kids (what?!), and even managed a trip to Hobby Lobby solo, which is basically unheard of. It filled my cup, and of all the things I’m loving lately, it’s one of the few that was solely focused on me.

5// Deployment is Almost Done – I wish I could share when exactly they’re coming home, but I can’t because of OPSEC. Let me just say though…it’s pretty darn soon! I think that’s part of the blogging funk, too. You know how the last weeks of looking forward to something big, like birth or a trip take forever? Well, this is exactly like that. These last weeks are looooooong. I’m doing my best to stay busy and focused, but I just. can’t. wait!

So, cheers to the weekend, my friends! I hope you’ve got a boatload of things you’re loving lately, too, and I hope the weekend ahead is a beautiful one!