one last gasp of summer in new hampshire


After the craziness that was last week, being in New Hampshire with family has been absolute heaven. I’ve needed a break for a long time, and hopping a Space-A flight was the best idea I could have possibly had. With the season about to turn, we’re enjoying the last vestiges of summer in New Hampshire, soaking up the changing season with family, and enjoying a break from everyday life in Washington.

We’re nearing the end of this deployment, and as any military spouse can attest, the last months and weeks often feel eternal. You’re eagerly anticipating your servicemember’s homecoming, you’re trying to finish up your goals and plans, and you’re desperate for the separation to end. However, waiting for the days to tick by is like pulling teeth, so I’ve learned that staying busy and having things to look forward to has been the way for us to keep trucking along. For us, that meant trips. Trips to the mountains. Trips across the country. Trips to my sister’s baby shower. All of this has been true soul fuel.

There’s something about the end of summer in New Hampshire. The nights are chilly. The cicadas and the grasshoppers are chirping. The sun is still warm enough for the kids to dip in the river and for us to enjoy long walks in the Albany town forest. I didn’t grow up here, but my parents have lived here for 10 years, and it truly feels like home. There’s nothing like these clear skies with endless stars up in the mountains, and the kiddos are in heaven.

Mieke got to meet all her aunties this past week, and she even got to meet her Opa, which was heaven. My mother hasn’t seen Mieke since she was just over a month old, so it’s been wonderful for her to really reconnect not only with the boys, but with her first granddaughter, as well. And for me? It’s been peace. Pure and simple. Being able to enjoy a meal with family, visit local friends, and take a break from endless i-5 traffic (literally my biggest WA pet-peeve), has been such a joy. We plan to be here through the end of the week, so we’re just soaking it all up while we can.

And yes, I love fall. But no, I’m not accepting the season’s change just yet 😉