5 for friday: our life lately

three years old

Happy Friday, friends! As of today, it’s officially one month since Ryan returned from his deployment to South Korea, and a lot has happened in that one month back together as a family. Our life lately is busy. Chaotic. Crazy. Loud. Seriously fast-paced. We’re less than one month from our trip to South Africa, and planning is in full swing, but we’re also working hard to get out and adventure around the PNW, as well.

We always have mixed feelings booking our overseas travel to South Africa over Christmas, simply because we miss spending the holidays with family back East or in Utah. At the same time, we’re happy to trade chaotic Christmas travel for some fun in the sun with our South Africa family, as well, so it’s that proverbial trade-off. In the meantime though, we’re soaking up every second here, so today I’m sharing five things going on in our life lately.

hiking pnw

mieke 7 months old

1 // Mieke said her first word

Let’s be honest, she probably didn’t mean it, but we’re going to just go ahead and say that she did. She said, “mama,” and you’d better believe that it melted this stone-cold heart. She’s getting more and more active these days, too, so I actually traded out the swing in the house the other day for a walker, and she’s getting precariously close to crawling. It’s all exciting.

2 // My PICC line comes out Sunday (or Monday!)

Tomorrow marks one month of IV treatment for my Lyme Disease, and I am so excited to have my PICC line removed this weekend (hopefully). I met with my infectious diseases doctor yesterday and, though my numbers remain high, she’s positive they’re going to start trending in the right direction soon. Moreover, my MRI came back clear, and that was a huge win for us, especially with all the neurological symptoms. While full recovery will take time, I’m getting better, and I’m so glad.

picc line lyme disease

3 // Ryan’s marathon is in less than a month

He’s in the final legs of his training, and he’s almost ready to taper! I was supposed to be doing the marathon with him, so I’ll admit it’s a bit bittersweet, but I’m excited to plan another run together soon. Getting healthy has been the priority, and I’m excited to cheer him on when he runs his first 26.2 before we head to South Africa next month.

4 // My boys are still wearing their Halloween costumes any chance they get

If you see Batman and Captain America running around JBLM, it’s the Moore boys, and they’re probably late for dinner. But in all honesty, I think they love the aftermath of Halloween the most, simply because they can wear their costumes the whole year. I’m a mean mom and make them wait until Halloween to put them on, so the weeks and months following Halloween are the best for them.

batman costume

captain america costume

father and daughter

5 // We’ve got a big adventure planned this weekend

In the spirit of living in the moment, we’re doing our best to get out every single weekend that we possibly can to explore, see, and do as much as possible in the PNW. Luckily, we’ve had surprisingly good weather this season overall thus far, and after visiting Little Mashel Falls last week, you’d better believe we’re all inspired to go explore and adventure some more. Any guesses where we’re going?!

Our life lately is a lot of fun, and I seriously can’t put a price tag on having Ryan back home with us. Deployments never get easier, but they definitely make life sweeter. The Moores have big things in store for them in 2020 – and potential big changes – so, we’re doing everything we can can to just enjoy every second. So, with that, happy weekend, friends!