5 for friday: thanksgiving 2019

thanksgiving kids

And that’s a wrap on Thanksgiving 2019! If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times; this has been simultaneously the fastest and slowest month ever. On the one hand, it’s been so fast prepping not only for the holiday, but for our upcoming trip to South Africa. On the other hand, however, between overloading myself with work and Ryan’s final prep for his marathon this weekend, it’s been dragging, too. If that’s not a weird crux, I don’t know what is!

Thanksgiving 2019, however, was extra sweet for us. Not only did we have our sweet baby Mieke with us this year for her first Thanksgiving holiday, but Ryan’s parents were able to come into town to join us, as well. We also were able to have our good friends, Victoria and Mike, as well as their children, join us fora  Friendsgiving! They were stationed at Fort Drum with us, so they’ve become family to us over time. Without further ado, I’m sharing five things that made Thanksgiving 2019 so sweet!

gig harbor turkey trot


first 5k

thanksgiving run

4-year-old 5k

1 // An early morning Turkey Trot

We were up dark and early yesterday morning to head out to Gig Harbor for their annual Turkey Trot on the waterfront. The Linenfelsers joined us, and Spencer had big goals of this being his first full 5k ever. He loves running and moving, so we said, “Sure! Let’s do it!” Porter ran 2.5k on his little legs, and Spencer ran his first full 5k in 45:42 at 4 years old! We were so proud. (Mieke snoozed the whole thing haha). It was a great race, lots of fun, and one we’d definitely repeat!

2 // Grandparents in town

We don’t often have the opportunity to spend time with Ryan’s parents, referred to the children as Grandma and Papa. The last time we spent good time with them was last Thanksgiving, so it’s been a whole year! Spencer and Porter have loved spending time with their other grandparents, and Dave and Esta have loved being able to bond with Mieke and the boys. It’s been such a treat before our travels.

moore family 2019

first thanksgiving

mieke's first thanksgiving

3 // Our first Thanksgiving with our girl

This was Mieke’s first Thanksgiving, and it was so fun to have our little girl in the mix this year. She’s just starting real solids, and she loved her first tastes of Grandma’s rolls, sweet potatos, turkey, and green beans. She was a champ, and she took a good nap before the feast; totally a girl after my own heart.

4 // Time off work

I feel silly saying this when both Ryan and I – for the first time in years – are going to have 3.5 full weeks off from work. But it’s been heaven not having to sign on and work (on my part) and a full four-day weekend for Ryan. We’ve had no pressure, barring getting ready for our trip, sending out cards, and Ryan’s marathon, and it’s been so nice just doing things leisurely for a change.

5 // Having the whole family together

It’s definitely not something to take for granted in this military lifestyle. Families spend lots of holidays apart, and we’re so grateful and blessed that Ryan was back to spend Thanksgiving with us this year. We’ve been navigating our way through this ongoing reintegration process, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world because we’re so glad we’re together.

So, cheers to the holidays ahead, my friends! We’ve got a busy week ahead of us! Ryan’s running the Seattle Marathon this weekend, and we’re leaving for South Africa in less than a week. Oh, and Spencer’s turning five somewhere in the mix, too, so there’s a lot of excitement ahead. I hope you all had beautiful Thanksgivings with your families <3