veterans day 2019

veterans day 2019

Veterans day, once known as Armistice Day, is observed annually on November 11th each year, honoring military veterans who have served in the United States Armed Forces. While many confuse the two holidays, Memorial Day and Veterans Day, they are actually two distinct holidays. Memorial Day honors those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice while in service of the military. Veterans Day honors all those serving or those who have served and were honorably discharged.

Veterans Day 2019 rings especially true and special for us again this year, as Ryan is home from his most recent deployment. In 2017, he returned from Iraq just in time for this holiday and, this time, he’s been home just over a month.

soldier meets daughter

Truthfully, when I married a soldier in 2014, I didn’t know the first thing about the military or this way of life, and I’d be remiss if I said I was an expert at just 5+ years in. But, I will say this – I am blessed beyond measure to be married to someone who serves our country. This lifestyle is proud. Bold. Fiercely independent, but humble enough to depend on others when needed. It’s lonely, but it’s loving. The military lifestyle favors the bold and the strong because, without resilience, this lifestyle is hard to hack.

It’s give and take, almost constantly, and it means weathering a constant state of flux and uncertainty. But it’s also brave and strong, and both Ryan and I have met some of the most incredible individuals on both the service member and spouse sides. All from different walks of life, these individuals serve in their own capacity; some on the front lines, some on the homefront.

army homecoming

army family reunion

I feel immensely honored to be married to my veteran, who will blush if you thank him for his service and, instead, probably thank you for your tax dollars. But truly, he’s grateful for your support, and I am, too. So, on this Veterans Day 2019, be sure to thank someone who is serving or has served. They may not have the words to reply, but they are heroes in their own right, serving in a lifestyle that is hard on the best of days.

To all those men and women serving in our U.S. Armed Forces – as well as those who’ve served in the past – thank you. Truly. It’s because of you that we have the freedom to be who we are, and for that, I’m forever grateful.