five years of spencer bruce

five years of spencer bruce

Dear Spencer,

Today you are five years old!

Wow. Just thinking about the fact that we’ve had five years of Spencer Bruce in our lives makes my head spin. We’ve come along way, my sweet boy. From manic first-time parents at Fort Huachuca to cold winter nights without furniture at Fort Drum (and everything in between), we’ve done a lot in your first five years of life.

In five years, Spencer, you’ve experienced more than many adults and ten times your age. You’ve watched your daddy deploy twice for nine months. You’ve attended three different preschools, three different churches, and had more teachers in your five years than I’d had at your age. You’ve made friends and said farewell, and you live thousands of miles from your aunts, uncles, grandparents, and soon-to-be-cousins which, at times, is very hard for you.

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five years old

And yet, at five years old, you are resilient, kind, and oh-so bold. Not much scares you, and you’re excited by challenges, facing them head-on like the big boy we know you are. You’re so good to your brother and sister, and your heart is so sweet. You care deeply and uninhibited, sharing your sweet heart and goodness with all those around you, and your enthusiasm and zest for life are truly infectious. You make me want to live life just like you – brave and proud.

Spencer Bruce, I am so proud to be your mama each and every day, and I’m so glad that you picked us to be your parents. Life would be a lot less fun without you in it.

Today, on your fifth birthday, we’re celebrating you high in the sky as we head off to South Africa on a big adventure. We’re excited to show you more of this big world, and we’re excited to watch you boldly explore and experience all life has to offer. So, on your fifth birthday, I wish you excitement, love, happiness, and memories in the making because you, my boy, deserve it all.

Cheers to five years of Spencer Bruce, my sweet boy! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!