swimming at boulders beach by simon’s town

cliff jumping at boulders beach

Happy Monday, friends! I’ll caveat this post with a quick blanket statement; if you’re tired of reading about our South African holiday, skip on by this post. I have a few more posts to share of our travels, and I’m excited to share our experience swimming at Boulders Beach by Simon’s Town today! While we were in Cape Town, I knew I wanted Ryan, Connor, and the kids to experience the beauty of Simon’s Town, and since both our shark and seal swims were canceled due to weather, I figured that Connor would absolutely love swimming at Boulders Beach, known for its African penguin population.

Boulders Beach is a petite, sheltered beach in the Cape Peninsula known for its turquoise waters, large granite boulders, and colony of African penguins that call this area home. Sadly, these penguins are on the verge of extinction, which is a large party of why this area – and its inhabitants – are under the protection of the Cape Nature Conservation.

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swimming at boulders beach by simon's town

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boulders beach simon's town

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Our aim for our day trip was simple; enjoy the sunshine, enjoy time at the beach and, if at all possible, see the penguins. We decided not to go to Foxy Beach where the newly-constructed boardwalks are heavily frequented. While that’s arguably the best spot to view the penguins, the best beach for swimming is Boulders Beach, as visitors can’t swim at the beaches with direct access to the penguin colony. We could see the penguins while driving to Boulders Beach, and we saw one lone penguin near our swimming area, but we chose to give them a berth otherwise.

Instead, we headed to the beach to play! The sun was shining in all its glory. The water was chilly – probably the equivalent of about 63F – but felt so good under that hot sun, and the surf was strong. But it was worth it. The beach isn’t monitored by lifeguards, and you’re basically allowed to do what you will there (obviously within reason). So, the boys played on the smaller boulders, and Connor and I decided to swim out to some of the bigger boulders to jump because, yes, you can “cliff” jump!

If you do go there to swim though, I’ll warn you that the kelp game there is strong. There is a lot of it and, with the tide, it will ebb and flow, making it an interesting process to time your jumps from the boulders. Nevertheless, it was amazing to see, swim, and experience the beauty that is Boulders Beach by Simon’s Town. Honestly, I should just let the pictures do the talking because this gem is spectacular, and it’s a must-see while in the Cape region.