5 on friday: things I love on valentine’s day

things I love on valentine's day

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! You know what’s funny? I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. Even since Ryan and I started dating and we got married, Valentine’s Day just wasn’t a big deal to us. We believe in showing our love all year long – versus just one day. Since having kids though? It’s so much more fun! And now, the boys are at an age where they kind of get it. It’s fun for them. It’s a day of sweeties and treats. It’s a day of friendship and fun, playtime and little gifts, all of which I love giving and sharing with them. The things I love on Valentine’s Day have definitely grown tenfold since having our babies.

Last night, I spent my evening finishing up the boys’ Valentines for their friends and teachers. When I was done, I assembled little gift baggies for our beans – nothing big, mind you – but a few little things to share the love and excitement of the day with them. One of my fondest memories of my childhood is how my mama always made us little gift bags for each holiday. They weren’t huge, but they always shared the love, and I want to continue that tradition and, boy, did their excitement make it all worth it! Forget receiving gifts on Valentine’s Day! I’m all about giving gifts because their joy was gift enough. So, today, I’m sharing five things I love on Valentine’s Day!

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1 // Our super-cute kiddos

These guys are my everything. Even with Ryan being TDY with this year, we’re thankfully able to stay connected, and the boys were able to share their excitement and enthusiasm regarding the holiday with Ryan first thing this morning. It was so fun to see them share their little toys, talk about how they can’t wait for their respective parties at school, and express their gratitude. Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how cute my our kiddos looked in their V-Day garb.

2 // Sunshine a few days in a row

It’s sunny today! In fact, we’ve had at least a little bit of sun almost every day this week. I’m hoping that means spring is right around the corner. And, with daylight savings fast-approaching, the mornings are getting lighter earlier, making it much easier to get up and get the day going. You’d better believe I’m soaking up every second of it.

3 // Amazing friends who keep me sane

It’s funny. I always express how hard it is to build your tribe in a new place, but I don’t mention enough how amazing it is to build your own friend/family everywhere you go. Some of my best friends are back at Fort Drum. Out in Hawaii. Somewhere in North Carolina. New Jersey. And yet, through technology and our favorite apps (mostly Marco Polo, let’s be honest), we’re able to stay in touch and connected, and it’s so special.

4 // A body that’s capable of running again

I ran almost 60 miles last month. I don’t know if I’ll get close to that this month, but I’m loving the ability to move, run, breathe, and exercise again. Feeling my body get back into that groove is nothing short of a miracle post-Lyme Disease, and knowing that I’m continuing to get better day by day is so worth it.

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5 // All the outdoor time

We are soaking up every single second of outdoor time these days! The days are slowly getting longer. The temperatures are slowly getting a touch warmer, and the rain is ever-so-slowly lessening, making way for more and more playtime and playdates outdoors. I’m so grateful for the fresh air, and I love watching my boys be creative and play – always busy, always learning, always growing.

However you celebrate Valentine’s Day in your house, I hope it’s a magical day for you, and I hope that you can find those things that you love, too! May it be a special one for you all…happy weekend, friends!