currently: the february edition

currently: the february edition

Happy Friday, friends! I can’t believe we’re already a week into February. On the one hand, this winter is totally dragging. On the other hand, it’s flying by, in large part because I’m doing my very best to keep our family busy through these epic rainy months here in the PNW. Today for my Friday favorites, I decided to do something new and link up with Anne in Residence for her “Currently” feature, in which we share what’s new, what’s happening, and what’s going in on our lives lately. I always want to participate, and I always forget, so here we go. Let’s check out currently: the February edition.

Currently Loving // Ryan and I are binge watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (and by binge-watching, I mean watching one episode a night) after the kids go to bed. It’s popped up on the home screen of our FireTV for a long time, and I always put it off. I’m glad we’re watching it now though because it is so fun!

pnw family

mieke on swings

spencer playing on the caboose

Currently Embracing // The weather…as best I can. I mentioned in some of my more recent posts that I’ve been in such a funk lately. Getting out last weekend to Port Angeles, staying in a fun Airbnb, and planning little escapes around the PNW is helping me embrace the less than ideal weather though and that, in turn, is helping me attempt to better embrace our time here at JBLM.

Currently Tasting // All the crockpot meals! Ryan’s op tempo has been absolutely insane lately, as has my work, and the crock pot has been on a heavy rotation here lately. I just love being able to throw everything in and let it sit for the day while I bang out everything I need to do. Our most recent favorite was this crock pot posole, which all the kids loved!

Currently Wearing // My North Face rain jacket because all it ever does is rain. Also a new favorite for daily wear (because let’s be honest here – I work from home and nobody cares) are these Reflex leggings that Danielle has been talking about for a while. Thanks for convincing me, girl! I owe you.

Currently Preparing // For Mieke’s first birthday in less than two months. I mean, how crazy is that? We don’t usually go all out for their birthdays, but I’m super excited to have a little family-type get together where the kids can play, the adults can mingle, and we celebrate our little girl without going too overboard. I’m no party planner, but I do love a good get together. I mean, maybe most of my focus is on food…

What’s new for you guys this month so far? I’d love to hear your version of currently: the February edition! Happy weekend, folks!