february wrap-up & march goals

february wrap-up and march goals

You guys! Spring is officially just around the corner, and I’m the happiest person ever to utter those words. After a seemingly-eternal January and a rough start to February, the weather here in the PNW is turning a corner, and I can seriously feel spring in the air. What’s more…it’s time for my February wrap-up and March goals! I don’t know about you, but I am a list maker, born and bred. Lists keep me in line. I love setting goals, getting things done, and crossing them off my lists, so when I decided that my word of the year is “intention,” I made a conscious decision to be more intentional with specific goals each month. I’ll be honest. I succeeded at some this past month, but I failed at others. Regardless, onwards and upwards, right?!

February Wrap-Up & March Goals

My February goals were lofty. Anything that I’ve crossed out, I did. Those that aren’t crossed out, well, I guess I’m moving them over to March, as well. Here we go…

1 // Work on an organization system for the kitchen

2 // Go on at least two hikes – They weren’t real hikes, per se, but we went to Tolmie State Park to play, and we hiked in the snow at the Snoqualmie Pass.

3 // Run another 50+ mile month – I’ve run 50.7 miles this month as of today, and I’m hoping to get another 7 in tomorrow, bringing me in just under January.

4 // Finish the boys’ room

5 // Start planning Mieke’s first birthday – I’ve made some decisions here, we have a little theme, and we’re going simple and sweet – can’t wait to share!

first birthday month

brothers and sisters


playing with magnatiles

how to encourage a baby to walk

Looking Ahead to March…

1 // Run 60 miles this month

I’ll be increasing my mileage this month as I get closer (still far, but closer) to the Portland Marathon in October. I’m also looking to sign up for my first half marathon of the year hopefully late April or early May.

2 // Register Spencer for Kindergarten

It baffles me that we’re already here! I don’t really have a choice on this one either. Registration for Kindergarten at our local school starts the second week of March and, though we’re trying to get a waiver for him to attend elsewhere, we first have to register him here. Wish me luck!

3 // Donate one item a day for the next month

This goes along the lines of a Lent challenge I saw floating around. I want to work to continue to declutter our lives and, essentially, donate more. I plan to put an item in a trash bag every day this month, then donate it to our local Goodwill or shelter at the end of the month.

4 // Go on two hikes or adventures

My kids are getting used to me doing these spontaneous little excursions! I threw them in the car last weekend to go play in the snow and, while snow is slowly dissipating this season, I have new places I’d like to explore as the season changes! Here’s hoping we can accomplish what I’m planning!

I’m going to cut it at four for the month of March because, honestly, with Ryan TDY for a couple weeks of it and work pummeling me from every angle, my goal is to stay sane in the process. Plus, I have two rollover goals from February. It’s been a great month though, and I love doing these wrap-ups and goals because they give me focus, keep me on track, and help me make the most of each moment we have while still here at JBLM – and yes, we still have a while.

What did you accomplish in February, and what do you hope to accomplish in March?