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One would think that as a mother of three, I would know all the ins and outs of motherhood by now. You would think that because I’ve gone through childbirth three times that my body would know what to do, how to bounce back, and how to rebound each time. The funny thing is that no two births are the same, and none of my experiences has been even remotely similar. That, my friends, is why all mothers should know about Motif Medical.

When I gave birth to Mieke in late March of 2019, I was facing a unique host of changes and challenges. This time, I had two little boys to take care of, and we were in the middle of yet another nine-month deployment. Though we knew Ryan would be home for a short period of parental leave, my nerves were on high alert, and I knew I wouldn’t have as much time to get back into “fighting” shape before he had to go back. I had to get back on my feet.

motif medical maternity compression garments

motif maternity compression

Motif Medical was founded by a team of medical professionals, engineers, and those who use their products most – like myself – all who wanted to improve the experience and access new mothers had to products on the market post-delivery. With a full range of breast pumps, maternity compression garments, and more that qualify as FDA-listed medical devices, Motif stands fast to its mission; to support your body and help you on this new journey.

When my mama returned home after helping for a short while, I was in the thick of it, solo parenting three children under the age of five. Let me just tell you – I was tired. Motif Medical offers a full line of postpartum recovery garments that work with you to support you as you regain your core strength, reduce the appearance of swelling and, most of all, help aid in the healing process.

As most of you know, though I recovered from the immediate effects of birth quite quickly, my Lyme Disease complicated matters, and some of those long-term healing issues seemed to persist. Motif’s Postpartum Recovery Support Garments have offered a lot of relief from the nagging back pain I’ve had since birth (yes, 10 months later). They not only relieve pain and swelling, but they offer a little extra support, reduce excess fluid retention, and aid in getting us back on our feet faster.

Discreet enough to wear under everyday clothing (seriously, they don’t ride up, and they’re incredibly comfortable), the maternity compression has been a lifesaver as I tackle continued healing, motherhood in the throes of military life, and an ongoing journey post-birth. Another tool I’ve used from Motif is their Gradient Compression Socks. Lyme Disease left my limbs post-birth feeling numb, exhausted, and constantly cold. These socks not only help provide ongoing external support to reduce swelling, but they’ve doubled as a fantastic tool whilst getting back into marathon training just 10 months after having Mieke.

motif medical gradient compression socks

Perhaps the biggest reason all mothers should know about Motif Medical is that you may even qualify through insurance to receive postpartum recovery garments or socks, all of which new mamas both need and deserve. With discreet, comfortable, and secure products, mamas like myself can rest assured that they’re in good hands with on-the-go wear for busy mamas at every stage of their postpartum journey.

Have you ever heard of Motif Medical? Who in your life could benefit from amazing products like these?