windy picnics at saltar’s point

picnics at saltar's point

Happy…Tuesday, friends! I have a love/hate relationship with long weekends. I love being able to spend more time with my kiddos. I hate having to play catchup the rest of the week because I forget what day it is. Nevertheless, cheers to the start of another week! We were exceptionally lucky this past weekend. Despite my feelings about TDYs, because the Army had a DONSA on Monday and couldn’t work, his commander let him come home to spend a quick 24 hours with us so I could work with the kids home and he could collect his car. Even better – the sun was shining the entire weekend. I think we’re turning a corner here, folks. Spring is coming, so a trip to Saltar’s Point in Steilacoom was in order.

On Sunday afternoon, I needed some fresh air, and I decided to treat the kids to a picnic while enjoying a quick little adventure nearby. We’d originally planned to head somewhere hiking, but when we found out Ryan could come home for 24 hours, we decided to adjust. The good thing about this area is that there are plenty of places to explore nearby and be a tourist in our own backyard, if you will.

saltar's point

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saltars point steilacoom

watching trains in steilacoom

This rocky stretch of beach just below the train tracks is easily accessible and completely gorgeous. From the abandoned wharf to the covered picnic area, rocky viewpoints, and more, it’s the ideal place to get away from the crowds and enjoy the true beauty of the sound. It’s also one of the best places to watch the sunset in the area. I’ve been to Saltar’s Point once before for my maternity pictures, but this was my first time bringing the kids.

While fairly accessible, you have to climb down some pretty steep steps to reach the beach area. The pathway and steps to Saltar’s Point pass directly over the train tracks, making for a great place for kids to watch the trains from above – a favorite of both of my boys. Once you reach the rocky shoreline, however, the real magic happens. It’s not that busy a beach. People like to bring their dogs because they can’d do so at Sunnyside Beach. Here though, it’s a great place to skip rocks, let the dogs play, let the kids explore and, as I mentioned, watch the trains.

Our friend Maribel and her two daughters, Esvaidy and Olivia, joined us for a little picnic. We didn’t do anything elaborate. The boys ate lunchables. Mieke attempted to eat rocks, so we continuously had to replace said rocks with crackers. We soaked up the sunshine – and the wind – and enjoyed every second of fresh air. Porter, especially, took time to splash in the puddles and just watch the trains pass by. Some were passenger trains, others cargo, but regardless of the type, he was in awe, and on this exceptionally clear day, he was in heaven.

This is definitely a place we’ll visit again, though probably in the summer for an early evening picnic, or a quick treat after a visit to the Steilacoom Farmer’s Market. While I may not love JBLM, I love how much there is to see nearby, and for anyone stationed here, I highly recommend a quick trip to Saltar’s Point.