5 on friday: things keeping us sane

sunnier days ahead

Does anybody else think we need a hard reboot on 2020? I can’t help but feel that the first three months of 2020 have been more chaotic and crazy than 2019, altogether. I don’t know about your neck of the world, but Washington is in chaos. Schools are closed for six weeks amid this COVID-19 pandemic (thus far, our amazing preschool isn’t under that umbrella, thankfully), working in travel has never been more anxiety-ridden, and we capped off a crazy week with a legitimate manhunt on North Fort – where we live – as a suspect evaded a police chase down i-5, crashed through the barrier onto post, and then fled on foot. Oh yeah, and it’s snowing today. So, yes, I’m hanging onto a few things keeping us sane through all of this.

things keeping us sane

outdoor play

strawberry shortcake cupcakes

1 // Sunnier Days Ahead

I’ll be completely honest, I wrote this before the snow started falling, but I stand by it. It’s snowing today, but the past few days have been in the low 50s, showering us with actual sunshine instead of rain. The birds were chirping. The crocuses were blooming. I know those sunnier days are coming back, and I like the calm of the snow, but I think the smiles on my kiddos’ face speak volumes. Summer – we’re ready for you.

2 // Baking Away the Crazy

Ryan gifted me a Kitchen Aid mixer for my birthday, and that beauty has been on heavy rotation for weeks now! I discovered that I actually can bake, and you’d better believe I have been! I love making cupcakes, and I’ve made quite a few so far. Some of the favorites? Salted caramel and strawberry shortcake, my friends. I want to eat them all…but instead I’m giving them to those who want them more!

3 // Mieke’s First Birthday is Coming

You guys, on March 31st, our little sugar bean is going to be one whole year old! I don’t even know how we got to this point, but here we are, inches away from one. Mieke has been transitioning up to the one’s classroom at our preschool, and she’s doing great! She’s so close to walking, and her personality is really starting to shine. She is such a sweetheart, but guys, she’s a spice one, too. We’re in for it, I’m telling you.

11 months old

almost walking

is hemp safe for babies

4 // Family Adventures Ahead

Ryan got back yesterday from his TDY! He surprised me yesterday morning, letting me know he was going to be back a few days early, and we then surprised the kids at school at the end of the day. There’s something comforting about having our family unit back together again, especially amidst all the uncertainty right now. So, we’re soaking it up. Ryan’s going to take some leave soon, and we’re planning some fun family adventures as the chaos starts to die down. But for now? The prospect is one of the few things keeping us sane.

5 // Fun Brand Partnerships

I’m no influencer, friends, but I’ve been blessed to work with some great businesses thus far this year, and I’ve loved the opportunity to share more of what we love and what works for us (like the ever-popular MiniMeis carrier). From Motif Medical to becoming an ambassador for 1-800-Contacts, and now to working with Willamette Valley Hemp House, I’m loving sharing more with my friends and readers. If you want to enter that giveaway, by the way, there’s still time! It ends today at 5 PM PDT, and you can win over $93 in locally-sourced products over on my instagram.

Most of all though, I just want to wish you all happiness and peace in this time. I know things are crazy and, for many of us, there are very few things keeping us sane. However, I do believe better days are ahead and, eventually, media perpetuated panic amidst a crazy viral spread will die down, and life will return to normal. Until then. Hugs. Solidarity. Now, go have some wine 😉