exploring snoqualmie falls

exploring snoqualmie falls

I’ll be honest with you. We did pretty much nothing this past weekend. With the endless yuck and colds going around, Mieke getting over a double ear infection, and me nursing a perpetual cough, it just didn’t seem like the best idea to go embark on some big adventure. So, for a rare weekend, we played it safe and close to home; swimming lessons, dinner with friends, a simple birthday party. While I hate being indoors, we needed a “catch-up” kind of weekend, especially because we packed a lot in last weekend and, not only did we visit Seattle last Saturday, but we spent last Sunday with friends exploring Snoqualmie Falls, which I haven’t shared yet. So, while we endure another Monday, I’m diving back in and sharing our day trip up there instead.

Snoqualmie Falls is a 268-foot waterfall located just over an hour from JBLM Main in the city of Snoqualmie. Featuring dedicated lookouts at both the upper and lower falls, exploring Snoqualmie Falls is easy. There are both paid and free lots at the top of the falls (we opted to actually park on the street), and you can take the trail from the top of the falls all the way to the bottom. Sadly, we didn’t do the full trip this time because the lower falls were actually closed due to flooding and mud. We did, however, make our way part of the way down, and the kids took the time to play in the two enormous, hollowed-out tree trunks, perfect for exploring.

snoqualmie viewing

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hiking snoqualmie

hiking snoqualmie falls

snoqualmie falls trail

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I read up a bit on Snoqualmie Falls before we went, and it was super interesting to me that the falls, themselves, are actually central to the beliefs and spirituality of the Snoqualmie people. Once a traditional burial site, they believe that the Snoqualmie Falls were the place the First Woman and First Man were created by Moon, the Transformer. They also believe that the powerful mist that rises from the base of the waterfall serves almost as a conduit, connecting the heavens and the Earth. I loved being able to lean on that belief as we explored, seeing this beautiful region that’s been so painstakingly cared for.

I’m not too keen on huge crowds, so I would have definitely preferred to have the men with us to hike to the bottom, enjoy a little picnic, and soak up the sun. However, for those there for a real tourist vibe, Snoqualmie Falls delivers. There is a gift shop, espresso stand, and bathroom area, in addition to the viewpoints at the top. Furthermore, there’s also a small area called the Centennial Green – ideal for weddings, picnics, and more during the beautiful summer months. I should also note that there is an amazing spa getaway there, the Salish Lodge & Spa, that I would give my left leg to experience before we PCS, so you’d better believe we’re going back before that comes.

If you have a chance to spend the day exploring Snoqualmie Falls, it’s definitely something I recommend, and I’m so glad I can check this off our JBLM bucket list! Tell me, do you have any local places like this that are perfect for exploring?