minimeis g4 vs. g3 & why we love it

minimeis g4 vs. g3

It’s no secret that we absolutely love our MiniMeis shoulder carrier. I first professed our love for our MiniMeis G3 back in November. It was an impulse purchase during Ryan’s last deployment that occurred solely because of a targeted Facebook ad, which I normally hate. This time, however, the target was right, and I bought their G3 carrier on a whim. I was completely sold by the harness system for younger children, birdseye view for kiddos, and the compact nature of its design, making it the perfect addition to our favorite kids’ travel products. So, when the MiniMeis G4 carrier became available – and the critics started singing its praises – you’d better believe we snatched one up quickly. A lot of people have asked though, so I decided to share our thoughts about the MiniMeis G4 vs. G3 today.

MiniMeis G4 vs. G3 & Why this Design is Making Waves

Fun fact – the MiniMeis G4 was voted one of Time Magazine’s 100 best inventions of 2019…and for good reason. In vein with the original, the MiniMeis G4 shoulder carrier gives gives 360-degree views from what might as well be the top of the world on your shoulders. Perfect for children ranging from six months to five years old, the new G4 model offers more comfort and stability for parents, all while offering the same perks for kids that made it so popular to begin with.

  • The MiniMeis G4 offers a new weight distribution system; essentially, your children no longer sit directly on your shoulders, but are suspended about a half an inch over your neck and shoulders.
  • Foldable like a laptop, it doesn’t take up much space at all, and we can even tuck in our stroller if needed. I should mention, too, that it is just 3.3 lbs, making it the lightest-framed carrier on the market.
  • It frees up our hands so we can parent three small children while hiking, exploring, or simply going on family walks
  • It offers, hands down, the best view for children who prefer to be forward facing, especially when exploring and sightseeing.
  • Comfort and security are key and the MiniMeis G4 offers a secure fit for kids and supreme comfort for extended periods of time. While we loved our original carrier, we can wear the G4 for much longer with no trapezius or shoulder discomfort.
  • Available in three colors and designs, you can find the perfect MiniMeis for you and your family.

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minimeis g4 shoulder carrier

minimeis shoulder carrier

minimeis g4 carrier review

Why We Love Our MiniMeis Products

The MiniMeis G3 carrier first appealed to me because it was designed by three fathers, all of whom were looking to fulfill a need. They envisioned a better baby carrier; one that made it easier for kiddos to ride on their parents’ shoulders with comfort and security. Furthermore, they looked to spread both the proverbial and literal weight, allowing mothers and fathers, alike, to carry their kids both comfortably and stylishly.

The MiniMeis G4 only furthers those objectives, and it’s quickly become one of our most beloved and trusted travel companions. The extra waist belt and leg strap padding on the G4 are even more comfortable for our kids, and both Mieke and Porter love the view. As parents, we love the added padding and weight distribution on the shoulders, and the chest area is even comfortable enough for me to wear as woman; and I love that it doesn’t feel bulky or cumbersome.

I also love that MiniMeis continues identify and fulfill needs in the market. For example, while the MiniMeis is an incredible carrier, we found that it was difficult to wear both the G4 and a backpack when hiking and exploring, since our shoulders were already sporting the carrier. Their new MiniMeis Multi-Bag, also known as “The Transformer,” is a versatile backpack designed to work with your MiniMeis G4 carrier, and it can be attacked to the back of your MiniMeis. It also transforms into a hip or chest bag – whatever best suits your needs.

The MiniMeis G4 vs. G3 Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a versatile kids’ carrier that doesn’t fit the standard mold and, instead, breaks it and falls into a class of its own, the MiniMeis G4 is it. Perfect for both newly-minted sitters (babies who can sit on their own), as well as toddlers and small children, it’s no secret why absolutely every member of our family loves it.

So, tell me; have you heard of the MiniMeis carrier or seen it in action? Who do you know that could use a product like this?