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willamette valley hemp house

As an active mama of three little ones, I am constantly on the lookout for clean, simple, and safe products to use on a daily basis. While my kids are, for the most part, extremely healthy, they definitely have their skin ailments, and as I embark on training for my second full marathon, we all need a little help and support from time to time. I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but hemp and CBD are big out here in the PNW, touted for their both their safety and efficacy. So, after battling with perpetually dry skin, eczema, and more, we decided to try hemp.

Why We Chose Willamette Valley Hemp House

One of my biggest passions is using quality, locally-sourced ingredients in the products we use, whenever possible. Willamette Valley Hemp House embodies this to the fullest, residing just a literal handshake away from their farmer. Their goal was to provide premium products at competitive prices without all those added fillers that are, frankly, unnecessary.

What appealed to me most about Willamette Valley Hemp House’s products is that they only use the cannabinoids that are naturally found within the cannabis plant, making sure they delivered a full-spectrum hemp extract with which they could infuse all their products. Furthermore, I didn’t want a massive quantity of THC in my products; rather, just enough CBD to alleviate pain, inflammation, aches, and more.

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Our Favorite Willamette Valley Hemp House Products

Fun fact – we actually started using Willamette Valley Hemp House’s Naked Salve back when I was being treated via PICC line for Lyme Disease. We were on a roadtrip down to Oregon, and my PICC line was suddenly angry and inflamed, covered in blistered hives. I was having a reaction to the dressing and, unfortunately, hydrocortisone and other OTC remedies weren’t working. A friend suggested I try this salve, and within minutes, the angry red blisters were calming, and I wasn’t tearing at my dressing anymore.

I chose the Naked Salve + Ticture + Salve Stick Bundle Pack because of its versatility. CO2-extracted, third-party-tested, and containing less than 0.3% THC, I felt comfortable using a genuine, rich hemp product from which I wouldn’t be getting a sidealong high because – let’s be real – that’s not what I was going for. The blend of coconut oil, hemp extract, and beeswax can also be modified with our own essential oils as needed, and I love to mix ours with a touch of peppermint essential oils for sore muscles. For the kids though? This plain salve saves their dry, eczema-riddled skin – especially Porter.

I should mention, too, that we absolutely love our Willamette Valley Hemp House Tincture, which is a highly potent product with just a mild hemp taste. Made with MCT coconut oil and hemp isolate, this quality product has an activation time between 15 and 120 minutes and can help calm, soothe, and de-stress. The tincture is great because it, too, is customizable. Try a small dose, see how you feel, and slowly adjust for your desired result.

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The Willamette Valley Hemp House Difference

Ultimately, we chose Willamette Valley Hemp House’s safe and effective hemp products because of the potency of their ingredients, the quality of their sourcing, and their desire to lower their carbon footprint. Their products are delivered in reusable containers to avoid landfills. Communication is primarily online to avoid excess paper usage and, best of all, they upcycle old shipping boxes, reusing them to minimize both cost and waste.