5 on friday: life lately during quarantine

no daycare

It’s funny to say “happy Friday” these days because I actually found myself legitimately questioning the day of the week on Wednesday. I was driving on post to deliver a few masks to a neighbor in healthcare, and I found myself wondering what we were planning for Sunday…only to realize that Sunday was still five days away. Long story short, life lately during quarantine is one of jumbled chaos. It’s one of precarious balance, give and take, frustration and joy, mind-numbing exhaustion and, strangely enough, gratitude.

When Washington’s stay home order was enacted, Ryan and I knew that there was a possibility that my job writing in a travel market wasn’t one hundred percent safe. And, as we thought could happen, I was laid off last week as the company reduced to a skeleton crew to survive. In the midst of all that though, there was a sliver of gratitude because we knew the worst case scenario for us, originally, had been losing my job while daycare was still open – which it’s not. So, essentially, I’m job hunting, watching children, keeping up a house, and freelancing…but we managed to stay on the bright side of the chaos. So, what else is new?

life lately during quarantine

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month of the military child

daily walks

1 // Daily Family Walks

I’m going to regret saying this next week since it’s supposed to rain all week, but the weather has been downright beautiful this week. I’m talking sun, cool breezes, temperatures hovering near 70, and a real taste of spring. It’s been life-giving. Truly. The kids and I have been taking daily family walks through the neighborhood, sometimes on bikes, sometimes in the wagon, sometimes on foot. We enjoy socially-distant conversations with neighbors and do our best to embrace this crazy new normal of life lately during quarantine.

2 // Uninterrupted Family Time

I mentioned in my last post that military families rarely, if ever, get this sort of uninterrupted family time together. Between constant TDYs, training, deployments, and more, the pace is generally unsustainable, and Ryan is rarely home for an extended period of time. It’s funny – and somewhat coincidental – that our favorite soldier is home during the Month of the Military Child, spending time with his kids like never before.

3 // Improved Behaviors

I think other parents might be able to appreciate this one. My kiddos are used to daycare, and they do extremely well in that environment. However, we’ve noticed that those subtle influences from other children that might considered…less desirable…are slowly filtering away. They boys’ manners are better. Their gratitude abounds. Don’t get me wrong. They’re totally little turds every other hour, but their overall manners and demeanor have improved, and for that I’m so grateful!

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favorite hammock

4 // Less Frantic Rushing

For the most part, we really have nowhere to be. Sometimes I have to go to the grocery store. Sometimes I have to sneak off to the post office, and Ryan occasionally has to go to the office, but we’re not always rushing to go from place to place which, I’ll admit, is kind of nice! I miss normalcy, don’t get me wrong, but not having to be somewhere at a specific time – barring job interviews, work for Ryan, etc. – has been really nice.

5 // Finally Setting up Our Backyard

This one has been a long time coming! When we first moved in last March, I did the bare minimum. I put out the grill and bought a patio set, which was well-loved and well-used, but that was about it. This past month of quarantine has afforded us the opportunity to make it more home-y, and we’ve done a lot more with it. We got the boys a trampoline that sees hours of use a day. We put out our faithful hammock from Fort Drum. We even bought a fire pit. I foresee a lot of lazy evenings out there, and I’m loving it.

Overall, life lately during quarantine continues to be a time of give and take, but we’re getting by, we’re staying (mostly) sane, and we’re doing our best to look on the sunny side of everything. I have to say, I think this happened at a very appropriate time for many of us. I mean, if there’s ever an appropriate time for a global pandemic. You get what I’m saying though. It’s a hard and fast reminder that we, as a people, need to step back and prioritize. We have to find what’s important to us and nurture that. Though I alternate between stressed and happy, I’m endlessly grateful for this opportunity to nurture the better parts of our life in this time.

Happy Friday, my friends!