currently: the april quarantine edition

currently: the april quarantine edition

You know those day of the week underwear? I feel like I need those during this quarantine because, frankly, remembering the days of the week right now is a special brand of crazy. Ryan and I are both working from home, all three babies are home through the month of April and the first part of May (our stay-home order is through 5/4) and, honestly, keeping things straight – and sane – right now is a project in and of itself. Nevertheless, it’s Friday again, and it’s April, which means it’s time for another round of “Currently,” a feature from Anne in Residence, which is perfect because everything is currently up in the air, and now’s the perfect time to reflect. Here we go…

Currently: The April Quarantine Edition

Sharing // I’ve been getting out of my comfort zone both on here and on my instagram lately, sharing my first ever live for Mieke’s birthday, as well as more of my recipes and personal experiences. I think we’re all kind of outside of our comfort zones right now, and I honestly think sharing is one of the few things keeping me sane. I love seeing all the time people are taking to step back and enjoy the world around them. Even more so though, I’m loving the opportunity to really tackle some of these projects at home – like baking homemade pretzels – that I’ve never had time for before.

Writing // I’m writing a lot more recipes in my free time lately! I’d convinced myself for the longest time that I couldn’t bake, and it turns out that I was wrong. I just didn’t try. I’m writing these recipes out because, unlike cooking, baking isn’t a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of thing. Taking the time to write out the recipe for my melktert cupcakes was a lot of fun, and it’s something I can look back to when I’m bored. I’m also writing a lot more for work right now, as we try to set ourselves up for the rebound in the travel industry that will, inevitably, come when travel bans are lifted. It’s tedious, but it’s definitely good, hard work, and I love it.

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Wishing // Honestly, I’m just over here wishing people would relax. Stop hoarding. Stop stockpiling. I wish I could get my hands on some real instant yeast. Or flour. I’m on my last bag. Yet, it seems that flour is the new toilet paper, and it’s gone across the board. I’m also wishing that things would return to normal sooner than later, but I’m also doing my best not to wish this time away, or squander it unnecessarily…if any of that makes sense.

Investigating // There’s a lot I’ve been looking into lately because, again, I actually have the time. One thing I’m particularly interested in investigating is the proper way to set up a real food storage. We’re pretty good about unknowingly having plenty of pantry items on hand. However, if there’s one thing this global crisis brought to light, it’s  the areas in which we are lacking…ie: flour, instant yeast, canned veggies, etc. I’m also investigating into capsule wardrobes, how to properly set one up, and more. It’s interesting and a ridiculously lofty goal for me.

Buying // Since we’re not paying for daycare right now, we’re buying a lot of the things we’ve wanted to buy but have stopped ourselves in the past. Ryan’s got his eye on a heart rate/breathing thing, we bit the bullet and bought a treadmill, I’ve been buying a lot of baking gear, etc. Oh, and yoga pants. I live in them, and I may have had to buy a couple more pairs from Fabletics because now I’m momming all day every day. Most of it is delayed, but it’s sort of like a fun connection to the outside world, too, and I love that 😉

These are strange times we live in, folks, and it’s kind of weird writing my answers to the Currently prompt this month, especially because who know when things will return to normal? We’re doing our best to stay sane, keep trucking along, and enjoy this time as best we can though.

How are you doing this Friday? What are you sharingwritingwishinginvestigating, and buying this month?