embracing simplicity in the time of coronavirus

embracing simplicity in the time of coronavirus

I feel like, as a family, we’re learning a lot about ourselves and our family dynamic through these times. In normal times, I feel like we live in a culture of excess so, for many, this is a huge wakeup call. I speak for myself, but I feel like a lot of people would agree, I’m not used to a lack of instant gratification in our society. When I click “purchase” on Amazon, I expect my purchase to arrive within two days and, at times, the same day. Right now, however, we’re lucky if something shows up in a week. In fact, I emotionally shopped for some clothes for the kids a few weeks ago and just received notice they shipped yesterday. We joked to our South Africa family that we’re learning to live the South African way again…but we’re kind of serious. Truly, Easter this year was about embracing simplicity in the time of coronavirus.

I’ve never been one to go all out, per se, when it comes to holidays. However, this year was probably our most minimalist Easter yet. It wasn’t about dressing up in our Easter best to go to church. It wasn’t about elaborate Easter baskets for the kids and big toys left by the Easter bunny. It was about a homemade breakfast in our PJs. Soaking up the sun on a long family walk. Setting out the popup tent and cuddling as a family and just enjoying this time together. I won’t like, these times are fueled by angst and frustration, too. Between losing my job, balancing Ryan’s schedule working from home, and my new job hunt, these things are hard, and the stress isn’t lost on us.

But there’s something nice about the lack of extra.

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As a military family, we don’t get a this much time together as a family often…if ever. Usually, these chunks of time are spent indulging in elaborate leave plans in which we cram as much adventure into a small window of time as possible (like our holiday visiting family in South Africa). Right now, however? We literally have nowhere to go. Nowhere to be. For my adventurous heart, it’s hard at times to stay home and not plan an elaborate adventure. There’s something beautiful about the simplicity, however, as well. The kids are learning to relish the walks outside and helping me bake tasty treats. We enjoy dinners together. We get to say goodnight in person.

We are together, and the luxury of that isn’t lost on us.

So, Easter weekend 2020 was one for the books for us. It was one of embracing simplicity in the time of coronavirus. It was about relaxed timelines and a general lack of schedules, and it was sweet. I’m sure that when the restrictions are lifted, we’ll be grateful for a semblance of normalcy again, but the luxury of so much togetherness is definitely not lost on me – or us.

Tell me, friends, did your family do anything special for Easter weekend during these unique times?