it’s the final countdown (maybe?)

it's the final countdown

Happy Monday, friends! Today, we’re entering our last week of Washington’s current stay-home order, meaning it’s the final countdown (maybe?) We’re so close to the end of the strict restrictions, but we’ve yet to have a final verdict as to whether the stay-home order will be lifted and social distancing will be put in its place, or what. It’s limbo…like most things in military life usually are, so this should really be our comfort zone, I guess.

Ryan’s actually heading back to work this week in the office. He’s been home with us for the most part for almost a month, and balancing two parents working at home with three very active young children has been hard, but I’ve been grateful for this time together. Yet, all things must come to an end, and Ryan’s return to work means Army life is resuming to its fullest. He has another couple TDYs upcoming this summer if all goes as planned, so we’re grateful we’ve had the time we had.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to potentially being able to explore again together soon. Next summer, we’ll be moving again, and with Ryan leaving for part of this summer, our time to enjoy the PNW as a family is limited at best. But, again, who knows? It’s the final countdown…but only maybe.

mieke aged onebike ride and run

learning to ride a bike


playing outside

family s'mores jblm

social distance

I’ve tackled some big goals during this quarantine, and I’ve accomplished a lot. Or, I should say, we have accomplished a lot. Since learning to ride his bike without training wheels on Friday, Spencer’s been riding nearly nonstop. On Saturday, my big boy rode his bike while I took Danny on a 3.5-mile run, and that boy biked the whole darn thing with me! He constantly amazes me, and I’m so glad he conquered something that scared him and is reaping the rewards.

You want to know something crazy though? I have mixed feelings about the kiddos going back to daycare.

I’m excited to better maximize my time to work, do housework, run, and do all the things, but I’m going to miss these beans. I’m also going to miss having all the time to invest in the little moments that have turned into big milestones. We’ve been able to see Mieke’s first steps together (even though she’d still rather scoot), we watched Spence ride his bike, we’ve had our first s’mores together as a family at our little JBLM home. It’s been good. Somewhat salty, but mostly sweet.

So, I’m waxing nostalgic.

And, as I write this on my new laptop from my new work-from-home setup for a new job that’s different than I’ve had for almost eight years, I find myself at a crossroads. I hope that, if nothing else, this COVID-19 crisis has taught us all something.

I hope we still prioritize health, wellness, and family. I hope that the little moments continue to have a big impact for all of us. I hope that home will remain where the heart is, and that stay-home days will be just as special as those adventures we love to take. I hope that we remember how hard we all work day in and day out to keep the proverbial ship afloat, and I hope that our kids remember only the good in all of this, rather than the tears that were shed in frustration.

Tell me, how much longer do you have on your quarantine? Is life beginning to return to normal?