portraits of a family quarantine

portraits of a family quarantine

Happy Friday, friends. I’ll be honest; this week has been bittersweet, at best. I mentioned couple weeks ago that I took a pay cut from my company in luxury villa travel, but that I was grateful to still be employed. That changed this week and, unfortunately, almost the entire company was indefinitely placed on unpaid furlough. Though they have the intent to hire us back, we don’t know when, or if that will happen so, sadly, I join the ranks of the unemployed for now. That being said, I’m immensely grateful to have a steady stream of freelance writing work, so that’s been an incredible stop-gap and, of course, it’s been good for me to stay challenged and busy – in these already challenging times, of course. I’ll admit; I don’t have a lot of fancy words and stories to share this week. Instead, I just want to share portraits of a family quarantine.

I’ve been more diligent about capturing everyday life around here since the start of our quarantine and, as such, my camera roll is incredibly full! I’m sure that when this is a distant memory, I’ll look back and be grateful for the challenges, as well as all the photos I have to commemorate this time.

lockdown week 3

handmade bonnet

feral children

diy handmade masks


cabin fever

quarantine haircuts

social distance

family walks

father and daughter

Through this entire time, I’m constantly amazed that time is simultaneously flying and dragging, depending on the hour, to be honest. Some days feel infinite. Others feel far too fleeting. Spring seems to finally be showing her beautiful face, and we enjoyed temperatures in the high 60s yesterday, which was so good for the soul. We’ve been tag-teaming as much as possible. Ryan’s working hard in every pocket of time he has, balancing his work with  mine and, now, my job search and freelance workload. I’m amazed by his strength through this and, as always, he inspires me to be better.

I know that a lot of people are dealing with unique situations and challenges through these COVID-19 times, as well. Whether they be emotional, physical, psychological, or even financial, please know you’re not alone in this. I was reminded of a quote by Victor Hugo the other day that said, “Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise.” This, too, will pass, and I believe we will be all the more blessed and strong for these hardships. Until then, I’ll continue to document and share portraits of a family quarantine and eager await the day it ends.

Cheers to the weekend, friends. Sending love and solidarity to all.